Internship Experience @ Model Governance Foundation, Online: Improve Writing Skills, Learn the Importance of Deadlines

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Model Governance Foundation,Online Internship

Application Process

One can mail to after the call for interns are invited.

Duration of internship and timings

One month

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

You get a choice to write an article of your idea and send it for publication to the blog’s website

Main tasks

They will provide you with a topic beforehand and ask you to wrote an article of around 1200-1500 words.

The article will go for scrutinization and it will be published within a weeks time.

Work environment and people

The team is too good and regularly conducts conferences and events to promote their work . One of such events was Samwaad.

Best things

The best thing is you get to know a lot about drafting in a professional way. Ranging from spelling corrections and grammatical mistakes, to how to arrange the images and paras according to your article, gets you a lot of learning.

Above all you get your article online published.

Bad things

Strict adherence to deadline. I literally got a mail saying that such laxity wont be tolerated, when I went a little lazy. 😛



Biggest Lessons

Punctuality and regularity.

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Disclaimer: We try to ensure that the information we post on Lawctopus is accurate. However, despite our best efforts, some of the content may contain errors. You can trust us, but please conduct your own checks too.

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  1. Young Law Students and Interns are suggested to send your opinions to the dailies, weeklies to be published in your mother tongue or in English. Every Newspaper is having a seperate space “Letters to the Editor.” While sending your opinions to the letters to the Editor, you can use the post card or send by email. Keep a copy with you and check the matter after publishing in the said daily or weekly. Then you will know edited portion of your opinion. Then analyze why the said portion was omitted and where you went wrong. This method is very simple, yet dynamic. This method is also allow you to develop writing skills, analytical skills, will develop your thinking process and also will teach you what to share or not to share with others. You will also know the real essence of “freedom of expression.”

    Print media will never publish the remarks which are opposed to public policy. 1st year Law Students may try. Read the article carefully and send your opinions, specially relating to contemporary issues or burning issues of the day. You can study the relevant books in your college library to expand your knowledge. Instead of wasting your time in your law colleges/universities, use the entire 3 years period from the first day to broadbase your knowledge. Set a goal what branch you want specialize after completion of your law course, select in the 1st year itself and begin to study the relevant books. Specifically concentrate on drafting, filing and trial procedures. After completion of your course you can directly enter into the profession. Of course, you have to complete your All India Bar Examination.

    Sri Padala Rama Reddi’s Advocate Practice .. two vols. .. will give clues on how to study and practice law. In the beginning you may not have clarity. So, first read the two volumes completely and slowly. Then after few weeks or months read them again and again until you had good clarity. To become as the best lawyer use all available opportunities. Expand your both theoritical and practical knowledge network and maintain cordial relations with Lawyers, Professors, Legal Researchers, Legal Reporters etc.

    The difference between Lawyer and other professionals is .. being Lawyer our concentration is on the judgment. If we want to get Order in our favour, from the beginning we have to mould the case. To present the facts before Court, you have to improve your writing and communication skills. You have to present the facts upto the satisfaction of the Court. For this you have to use the “Letters to the Editor” column. This will help you to present your inner opinions.

    Instead of depending on others to guide you, you have to develop lateral thinking, have to develop your inner abilities to awaken your hidden skills on your own.

    If you are unable to concentrate on your studies, learn the meditation or commence your meditation by observing your breath in and out and sit for meditation for 2 years everyday. After few years your senses will be calm. You will have good clarity of thought. Your Atman will guide you.

    How to make yourself as the best professional is in your hands only. Once you joined the Law Course, your concentration must be on how to become as the best Lawyer. You have to plan how to become as the best Lawyer and how to mould your life. Practical life is different from what we learned in our colleges. Learn to live realistically and naturally in tune with modern times. Use your law libraries to the maximum extent. Begin to study in a systematic way step by step from the basics to advanced levels.



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