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Internship @ MNK Law Offices, Delhi: Interns are treated well

By: The Admin | September 6, 2014

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Kevin Robin. NUALS, Kochi. [email protected]

Name of the organisation, Location (city), Team strength

MNK Law Offices, Delhi.

Team Strength of 5 partners and 14 associates and other office personnel.

Application process with contact Details

The internship in-charge is an associate called Kunal who can be reached at [email protected]

Duration, Timings

5 days/week. All weekends off. Timings are from 10-7ish.

But you might be expected to stay back and hour or two depending on the work you get and its urgency.

First impression, First day formalities, Infrastructure

I reached the office by 10 on the first day.

Within half an hour I was being briefed by Kunal regarding the firm and the work involved. I was asked to meet two partners who were present. Kunal was a really good mentor, taking pains to explain everything about the firm as well as any questions one would have during the course of work.

The firm is pretty spacious. The second floor is where all the associates and partners sit. That is where I sat during the first 3 weeks, but interns were later shifted to the ground floor.

Main Tasks

The main tasks at MNK, were Company Act 56 and 13. Since the new Act has just been notified, there was a lot of work and discussions regarding it. Work also involved Contract Act, Arbitration amongst others.

At MNK interns are expected to make a presentation on a chosen topic before leaving the firm. They are pretty strict on that. But the presentation in itself is pretty chilled with peopled more interested in knowing new stuff rather than just grilling an intern.

Work environment, People

The work environment at MNK is very chilled out. Everyone is comfortable with each other. Interns are treated well. The make sure you do not stay unoccupied for long periods of time. Submission of work is on an urgency basis.

People at MNK realise you are an intern and hence make sure to explain what is expected of you with regard to a task.

Best Things

Enough and more places to hang out as the firm is right next to Defence Colony market.

Bad Things

Guys have to wear a tie 4 days a week!


None. Probably the only sad bit 😛

Biggest Lessons

The new Companies Act could be a bother 😛

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