Internship Experience @ Menon & Pai Associates, Kochi: An experience which money cannot replace

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Lan Francis, Bharata Mata School of Legal Studies, Kochi, 3rd Year

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Menon & Pai Associates, Kochi – Team Strength : 5 Partners and 25 associates

Application Process with contact details

You have to call their office and enquire whether they can accommodate interns, its usually full with around 5-10 new interns coming in every week, and then email your CV to their associate.

I applied after making a call to their office, and one of the seniors answered the call. The first thing he asked me was if I had any recommendation. I didn’t have any, so he asked me to email my CV to his associate.

Duration of internship and timings

3 weeks, from 12th May – 31st May, 2016.

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First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

It was my first internship at a law firm, and I was quite excited though I was late by 30 minutes. The building is located around 200 meters from the bus stop, if you’re travelling by bus, and Menon & Pai covers the 1st and 2nd floor of the building. I was asked to go to the 2nd floor, where most of the junior associates are seated.

There were around 8 cubicles and the first cubicle is left vacant for interns to occupy. The cubicle had a computer which has access to WiFi, Manupatra, SCC etc. They have a kitchen where the interns can have snacks and can have as many cups of coffee or tea as you want.

Since it was my first day, I had to wait around 2 hours to meet Mr. Navod, but since he had already left to Court, an another associate by the name Sandeep took me in and started allotting work. Yes, they give you work the very first day itself.

Main tasks

The main tasks are usually to refer cases relating to a particular topic and to make notes on those cases. If you’re good with drafting, they will allot you drafting works as well.

There is no shortage of work in this office, and you will only be burdened with more and more work, especially if you’re someone who completes your work on time! During the period of internship, I researched on various topics including The Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996, The Consumer Protection Act, 1986, The Copyright Act, 1957, The Indian Evidence Act, 1872 etc., and also helped to prepare counter affidavits.

Work environment and people

As I stated earlier, there will be no shortage of work. They have so many cases and they are only happy to allot you work. Each associate deals with distinguished fields of law, and you can approach them based on what you would like to work on.

For instance, I had interest in arbitration, copy rights and patents. So I always went to Sandeep sir as he deals with such cases and he is one of the friendliest associates there who is strict with work, but happy to help you with your work. He actually explains to you what you’re working on, and mentions what exactly he needs from you.

Best things

Best thing would be the attitude of some of the associates there : Sandeep Sir, Sarath Sir and a few others. They are so busy with their work, yet they are willing to help you understand your case and brief you on what they expect from your work.

They don’t even mind spending an hour with you to get to know your taste in law and allot you work based on that. One reason why I think they don’t mind spending time explaining you things is that they take your work seriously and they actually use the case notes and research work that you submit to them.

Besides the work I did there, I fell in love with every single intern who I met there. This was my first internship which I did without any friends from my college, and it was one experience I will cherish for a long long time. Every new week there were new interns coming in and we all got along well.

I believe some of us made better friends than we made in our college or law school. It was an opportunity to get to know so many people and to learn and grow in knowledge as you work with them.

Bad things

Bad? Ironically, its the attitude of an associate there. I wish to not disclose his name as I still respect him but the attitude he displayed there was downright cheap. He even swore at some of the interns there with the f*** word. Infact, he asked me to stuff up a pen into my a***hole.

I felt embarrased when he talked like this, especially because we were only interns. However, when I left the office he behaved quite different from how he usually does and I felt like he swore at us only to make us work harder.

Anyhow, whatever reason he had for treating interns that way, he needs to fix it as many of the interns purposefully avoided jumping infront of him or going to his cubicle as they were scared of him!


Absolutely nothing, but you get an experience which money cannot replace.

Biggest Lessons

1. If you are not familiar with a particular subject in law, don’t back off from it. Instead, try to research on it, get to know that subject because you’ll need that sometime in your career.

2. When you’re allotted work, make sure you clear your doubts before you start your work. And while working on it if you’ve any doubts, don’t pull yourself back from approaching those who have alloted the work to you. You’re an intern and you’re new to law and you’re there to learn. Most people will be only happy to clear your doubts as they would want your work to benefit them as well.

Overall Rating



I live in Kochi itself, so I didn’t need any accommodation. I heard that the associates there will arrange accomodation for you, however the rates may vary depending upon the place you choose.

Office Timings

Timings is from 9 am to 5 pm. Strictness depends upon the rap you share with the associates. If you’re friendly with them, then its fine you walk in at 10.30 am as well and can leave by 3 pm. But if they are having mood swings, then you will end up in trouble and when I say trouble, I really mean it.

Disclaimer: Internship experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus official views on the internship.

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