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Internship Experience @ Malvi Ranchoddas & Co, Mumbai: The lovely, family-like law firm with lots of work

By: The Admin | February 4, 2015

Name. College. Year of Study

Saumyata Panwar. Gujarat National Law University. Third Year.

Name of the organization. Address.

Malvi Ranchoddas & Co., Advocates, Solicitors & Notary, Yusuf Building, III Floor, M.G. Road, Mumbai – 400 023.

Duration of the internship. Timings and days/week.

Four weeks: June 2nd – June 28th, 2014. 6 days/ week 11am- 6pm, Saturday being a half-day till 2pm.


I was residing in the YWCA Hostel located in Madame Cama Road. The rooms were spacious and comfortable. The hostel was located exactly 1 km from my office; therefore I would simply walk to and from my office.

Application to the hostel must be made well before time as they always face a rush.

Application procedure. Internship contact details

Interested in interning with a ‘Tier I firm’ (like everyone else, RIGHT after my second year), my uncle suggested I start with a smaller firm wherein I will learn much more.

He then referred me to the Partner, Mrs. Rashmi Doshi whom I met in the office. However, you can apply on [email protected] or call them on 022-66331801. 

Details of the office

The office is very compact, but accommodates the work-force.

There were several files lying around whose cases had been closed, simply because there was no place to move those files.

The office had a pantry and you could ask for coffee whenever you wanted (which was delicious, by the way).

They also had a library with important books on several subjects.

Background of the firm

Let me point out that Malvi is a very traditional firm. The senior partner as of now is Prakash Mehta and he is the fifth generation of his family that is spear-heading the firm.

The work-force is limited to around 20 people.

They have minimised the number of litigation cases that they take up and concentrate mostly on facilitating real estate agreements and corporate law.

First impression. First day, formalities etc.

On an agenda to portray that I am diligent and hard-working and sincere (and the likes), I went all decked up in neat formals. I also wore the dreaded formal shoes I hate. On reaching there, I saw I was the only one trying so hard. Most women wore Indian attire: kurtas and chappals.

I met the partner, Mrs. Rashmi Doshi who told me that there are 3 teams in the office focusing on namely, corporate law, property law and litigation matters, and introduced me to a few people who shall be giving me work for the future course of days.

Around 5.45 pm, the lights began to be switched off and people started leaving for home. Expecting to be asked to work till 9 pm (as my seniors and friends had told me), I was shocked when the clerk-bhaiya smiled and told me to go home.

Main tasks

I mainly worked under the property law and litigation teams. I learnt in detail about Agreements for Sale, Leave & License Agreements, etc and the other permissions to be taken from the BMC and other authorities. A lot of importance was laid on Bombay Public Trust Act and the Registration Act.

I helped in filling forms for transfer of share-certificates in a Co-operative society and drafted an affidavit-cum-indemnity.

For the lit team, I researched on issues as to –grounds to challenge a public policy, validity of the Right to Education Act, CSR as per the new Companies Act, 2013, what constitutes as a minority institution etc.

One day I even went for a client meeting with Rashmi Ma’am to discuss the terms of an Agreement for Sale, which was a learning experience.

Work environment, people


The associates were extremely friendly and close-knit and I realised this was not the kind of firm where people are frustrated with increasing heaps of files who hate their lives.

One could see that this was a bunch of happy people who loved being there and working on what they were working.

I could approach anybody for practically anything and they never made me feel like a sub-ordinate.

The associates once called me in their cabin and while I thought I was in trouble, they told me to take a seat and join them for a game of charades.

Around the office- landmarks, places to eat, etc.

The office is bang opposite the Bombay High Court and the Trial Court, so I could go watch proceedings when work at the office was less, or there was an important matter at the court. The office is equidistant from the Churchgate and VT local train station.

The area (Fort) has ten thousand other offices around and hence a lot of places to eat and I took the liberty to explore a new place everyday- juice counters, Raju Sandwich (must-try), Starbucks, coconut-water carts, Chethana restaurant (a great place for food at cheap prices) etc.

There was also an amazing chicken-roll counter below the building.

Best things

Location of the office.

Experience the busy working life of South Bombay yourself, you will fall in love with it. Plus, as and when you step out of the office, you will invariably bump into someone you know. A classmate or a senior. Or a friend’s friend. Everyone seemed to be there, and I loved it. Most importantly, I loved the people at the office.

I could not have possible asked for or expected the extent of hospitality that I received.

Moreover, most of the work I received was from the partner herself, and that made me feel both important and productive as she always gave me good feedback and also told me the intricacies of certain things.

Bad things

While I wanted to work on corporate law, I was told there is not much work at hand and hence nothing was delegated to me. Although the work-times were very relaxed, I felt I could be more productive as the workaholic in me screamed inside.

Also, there were times I felt lonely because I had only one co-intern.

I was let down on the first day itself when she said she had not heard of my college or the CLAT system. When I told her about my High Court internship, she asked me if I “got to argue in the court”.

Yes. So I basically missed out on meeting new interns from different places.

Stipend/ month


Lesson learnt

I would sincerely urge law students to not rule out smaller firms for internships.

There is a lot to learn at these places which will help you in the long run. It surely taught me a lot.

The entry was a part of the Summer Internship Experience Writing Competition organized by LexisNexis and Lawctopus. MyLaw.net was the learning partner for the competition.

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