Internship @ Malhotra and Malhotra, Chandigarh : Good Work, Strict Work Environment, No Stipend

Name. College. Year of Study

Ridham Dua. Law Faculty Delhi University. Batch 2012-2015.

Name of the organization. City

Malhotra & Malhotra Chandigarh.

How big was the office? Team strength?

The Office is not quite big. The Firm is run by 2 brothers Mr. Ranjit Malhotra and Mr. Anil Malhotra. They only keep one intern at a time so I was the only Intern.

Application procedure. Internship contact details

I sent them an Email almost 2 months before I wanted to start my internship. After few days I called them up again as a reminder,it was then they fixed a time for an interview with me.

I would not say it was a prompt reply from them but after I called them up they got aware of the fact that I was really serious and then they were quick in their replies. So just sending an email wont help if you want to show how serious you are you need to remind them again.

To apply for an internship you can send your resume on [email protected] and they can be contacted on 0172-2542026.

Duration in weeks. No. of days/week. Timings

The internship was for 3 weeks but they prefer if you would work for 4 weeks as the learning experience Is better.They work 7 days a week so I was expected to be there on Sundays as well.

The timings are from 9 to 5 for an Intern in summers but as I was interning in January which is a really cold month in the North, I was allowed to reach an hour late.They are very particular about the time and would expect you to be the same.

They have a lot of workload so on many days you’ll be expected to work till 6 in the evening or even late than that.

Accommodation: how, where, how was it?

Their Office is in Sector 16-D Chandigarh. Sector 15 is a hub of PGs and flats.Finding an accommodation is not difficult there.You can find a triple sharing,double sharing or a single room for quite reasonable prices. The rent varies from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 6000 a month.

There is no concession if you stay for 20 days or less. One month rent is the minimum requirement to get an accommodation. As I have many relatives there staying was not a problem for me but I had to shift to a PG for 15 days for some reasons. I was charged Rs. 5500 for a triple sharing room.

As I did not had to stay for the whole month finding an accommodation got a bit difficult.You can either opt for a PG with meals or without it.

As I was out for almost the whole day I preferred without meals but there are a lot of services for tiffin deliveries nearby so food is not a problem at all.

Moreover Chandigarh is a beautiful and comfortable city to live in so adjusting there is not a issue at all.

malhotra and malhotra chandigarh internship, ranjit malhotra, anil malhotra
Ranjit Malhotra on left; Anil Malhotra on right

First impression. First day, formalities etc.

Due to some mis-communication I got a bit late for my first day and trust me you don’t want that. I was chided for being late.The first day is not very hectic.You are briefed about their work and given a bundle of reports to go through.

Their are as such no formalities to go through.You are expected to start working from the very first minute of your day.

They don’t like wasting time so I was told the very first day that if there is no work for me then I should read some journals or books from the library rather than doing nothing.

Main tasks 

The firm basically deals with NRI Clients. I was made to evaluate a lot of visa related reports from various embassies. I had to check the data of the reports before sending them to the embassies.

I worked on 2 writ petitions regarding Child abuse. This was really helpful in respect of my legal writing skills as well.The worst part of the work was typing. If you intern there be ready to do a lot of typing work. They deal in civil cases so I dealt with cases related to divorce, guardianship, marriage etc.

Work environment, people

“Time is everything” is what I was told there.It’s a really serious atmosphere there.Everybody just does their work and leaves. You are expected to work without wasting a single moment of the day. There is loads of work to do so wasting time is not an option. If done with one thing you are directly given some other task to do. Being lazy is what you cannot afford to do.

Its not a large firm so there are not many people working. Hence, I did not feel neglected or out of the place.

Best things:

The best thing is that I got a lot to read there about various laws, different cases etc. I realized how even a second of the day counts which no law school can teach. I was made to utilize each and every minute of the day.

Mr. Ranjit Malhotra and Mr.Anil Malhotra are very particular about their work and as you get to work directly under them you get a better sense of understanding, and even a small mistake is looked down upon.

You are expected to indulge in everything so I did the research work, corrected the reports, worked with them on different cases and also some clerical work.

Bad things:

The bad thing was working 7 days a week and for long hours. It used to get really hectic sometimes.

The other thing that I was not fond of was typing, you are made to do a lot of typing work.

They get angry really soon so you have to be swift and do the work appropriately.

What did you do to chill? Co-interns, colleagues

There were no interns as they have a policy to keep one intern at a time so you are on your own all the time.

Stipend/ month

They don’t give Stipends.


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