Internship Experience @ Mahesh Bora Law Office, Jodhpur: First-hand experience of how a district court works

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Mahesh Bora Law Office, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Application Process

Send cv on [email protected] or [email protected]

Duration of internship and timings

I did for 5 weeks i.e 1st July to 7th August 2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

I was very much excited. I was introduced to everyone and associates treated me well. First day was really good. Everyone was friendly, but professional. They all are ready for help but they want work at the same time. It was a completely new experience as sir was a senior advocate and has a dignified position in court as he is a great criminal lawyer and I was keen interested in doing work under him and learn from his skills and knowledge in this field.

I used to go in the morning at 10:30 am to the court till 4:00 or depends on the work of the court. Visiting courts like district court Jodhpur, family court, Consumer court, high court etc. I read case files and made briefs for my study. Then we went to the court along with sir and his associates. His associates gave us case briefs in the court while witnessing the proceedings.

The best thing was everyone has friendly demeanor. We also used to have party some or the other day for refreshment. Sir asked me a few questions like what my area of interest was and then he did everything possible to make me comfortable.

In evening in the office first day Nishant sir explain the functioning of court and some brief intro of some important sections. He helped to clear my doubts. I did some research work. sir used to give research work and if you don’t know then associates very well explain you to how to do it.

I had also experienced that how Mahesh sir used to do arguments in the cases. For me, he is the Master class in arguments. In ADJ court judge gave me work to prepare notes on a case. associates help and guide me in preparing that. it was a very good experience.

Main tasks

Read files of the on-going cases prepare notes, doing research work and ask for work.

Work environment and people

It had space for the interns, sir’s office was very much spacious had a library. Computers were provided for research work. People there helped me everyday and we used to lot of masti also sometime. Every associate used to treat me well.

Best things

You will get to know the ground reality of how everything works. They make sure all your doubts are clear. They would never overburden you with work however they emphasize on the quality of the work and want that you should learn something that will be fruitful to you.

Bad things

The long and hectic schedule.



Biggest Lessons

The best thing was the first-hand experience of how a district Court works.

You get to see sir present his arguments beautifully in front of the judges.

You get to experienced lot of things and interact with many people. One of the most important thing that along with work there was fun time also.

Any Other Thing

According to me working with sir was an awesome experience. I had fully utilized my time and I am sure that will be fruitful to me.

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