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Internship Experience @ Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Mumbai: Stipend of Rs. 7500, Friendly Associates

By: User Submitted | August 6, 2016
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Name of the organization: LUPIN Pharmaceuticals, Location: BKC, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Application Process

There is no as such particular procedure to apply.

I had personally called the HR of LUPIN and they had given an email Id to apply. Having few contacts they had considered my CV and had called for an interview.

After interview, they explain what they are all about and about the work. And then they give an official letter of joining.

Duration of internship and timings

11th May, 2015 to 11th June,2015. ( 5 weeks).

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

When I reached the office it was so huge and dynamic. Interning in any company is something very different from that of a law firm. It was huge and well settled. First day it was all good. You need to carry your identity card where they provide it with a specific code. Whenever u enter or leave that serves as a proof. Clean surroundings and friendly surroundings.

Main tasks

Lupin being a pharmaceutical company deals with the contracts and patents. I was engaged with a project related to the subject of contracts. Various assignments were given. Data Base Management was done by me of various agreements. If in case you have any problem regarding your work, people are always there for you to help and make them understand.

Work environment and people

This is the best internship I had come across till now. Everyone working here are pretty serious when it comes to work and are fun loving at the same time. You won’t get bored of the monotonous work. BKC has places to chill out where you can go and chill with the people working there. Working environment is energetic and decent. You see everyone there are punctual and devoted to their work.

Best things

There are so many best things. Firstly, all the associates were so friendly, no pressure was applied on us. They were always there to help. They have a canteen on 5th floor. Food is provided by them. ๐Ÿ™‚

Amazing view from the canteen. Early leaving hours. No one forces you to wear formals all the time. Very friendly. They have transportation facilities as well.

Bad things

No bad things. Sometimes you may feel monotonous but the people and the environment cheers you up. Would have a little hectic work sessions sometimes.


Rs. 7500

Biggest Lessons

Never say that companies or specifically legal departments in any company are pretty chilled and have less work when compared to a law firm.ย Even they work. ๐Ÿ™‚

Any Other Thing

Intern here and have a great experience.

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