Internship Opportunity: Lex Insider: Legal Content Writing [Work from Home, 2 Months or More]: Apply by Dec 15


Lex Insider is the content and publication wing of Lex Do It – A Non-profit organization. At Lex Do It we work to help those who need it the most, i.e., for the legal empowerment of the vulnerable and the marginalized such as women and children who lead oppressed and unjust lives, persons with disabilities and socio-economically backward groups who are trapped in the vicious cycle of poverty.

We do this by providing Legal Awareness, Legal Assistance, providing Psychological Assistance, by Building Capacity for Good Governance and participating in the Policy Development process.

We aim to reduce the distress within society and improve on the psychological and emotional well being of people of all groups. It is only when people are empowered to engage effectively with the state machinery and mechanisms and are able to reap the full benefit of their rights will we believe that we have achieved the goals that we have set out for ourselves.

It is the duty of every man and woman to share their knowledge with others as knowledge grows only when it is shared.


The work during the internship will pertain to writing articles and other write ups about college related issues and other problems being faced by the legal fraternity.


The work will be from home and a stipend will be given to successful candidates based on their performance.


The duration of the internship will be for at least two months. Internship starts on 2nd January.

Application Procedure

To apply, click HERE.

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