Internship @ Legum Consultants, New Delhi: Research Without Internet, Attending Court Proceedings, No Stipend

I had an Internship?

Our summer vacations were going to kick off in May and we would be jobless for 2 months, if we had no internship during that period. So, our tryst for looking for internship started in March only.

As a tradition set in our college, we have a fix style of CV and same matter in cover letter, we apply for internship in bulk. One tab is our e-mail account and other tabs are lawctopus internship experiences from where we get to where and how to apply.

And a few lucky ones get some reply and within them the luckier ones get a positive reply. But the ones whom the luck itself is self-contradicting, gets more than one confirmations. And the same was with me.

On April last, I had two emails confirming my internship in their office for the month of May and one of them was Legum Consultants (e-mail:

It was the name that fascinated me and I decided to keep this only. I called Mr Asit Kr. Roy, legal head of the firm on his cell (+91-8802888820) to confirm and on that, he took a small telephonic interview of mine (just basic like what is torts law).

To tell you about Legum Consultants, it is based consultancy firm in Delhi with its office at Mayur Vihar and a chamber at Saket District Court. Mr Asit Kr, Roy is the legal head of the firm and is assisted by Mr Anand.

As Mr Roy is a Bengali, he is keen to establish its branch in Kolkata too. (Despite the fact that, it has only 2 lawyers presently). But his chamber in Saket court is well furnished and has ample space to accommodate 2 lawyers and 1-2 interns.

My internship was from 12 May to 11 June 2014, a 1 month internship. On my first day, I reached the office at 10 AM. Sir took a small interview and introduced to the staff members, his associate and a helper.

Then I was shown some files to look at the formats of complaint Case, Civil petition, details in FIR etc. It was more of the introduction: Introduction to the firm and to the legal proceedings in courts. I had no work but just to make myself comfortable. In subsequent days (being a first year) not much work was given to me.

I attended court proceedings (district courts and consumer forum), filing in Trial Courts & High court and had proof-reading work, Case law finding etc. Some drafting work was also given to me for learning.

He daily had around 2-3 cases in the district court of Saket, Tees Hazari and Patiala House; so I move behind him in all these. My job there was to hold his files and not much was expected either.

Though I got no opportunity to attend any proceeding in High Court but he did send me there to explore that. He sometimes used to give me files to study of which make notes. He regularly asked me to do some research on some issues but due to lack of internet, that was terrible.

I had to go manually through AIRs and that was too boring as we are used to Manupatra. We used to go back around 5:30 and he escort me till the nearest metro station.

In the internship, I did nothing most of the time as after attending 1-2 cases, I sit idle waiting for his instructions and could do no research due to lack of internet. But the people there were very good. They both were very co-operative and friendly. It felt like more of friendly rather than a professional relationship. 

We had lunch together, he drop me at metro station, we used to discuss on general topics (that was hot season for politics –elections), on my last day he even gave me a treat (not stipend) but in this somewhere the purpose of internship got shattered.

I would appreciate this internship as I gained significant exposure. He gave me ample chances to go and do work by myself. Filing of case, drafting, going to court and finding out; in all these he instructed me and I see his will to make me self-sufficient.

In my concluding words, I would say that this internship was my first internship under a lawyer, so I didn’t expected much but sir tried the best to get the best out of me. I gained a lot.

I saw the life of a lawyer, how hard working. I used to sleep after going home and leave the work to be done in the office only but he always keep himself ready. 

The entry was submitted for Summer Internship Experience Writing Competition organized by LexisNexis and Lawctopus. was the learning partner for the competition.

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Disclaimer: Internship experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus' official views on the internship.

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