Internship Experience @ Leges Juris Associates, New Delhi: Researched on Civil, Criminal & Family Law Matters

Personal Details

Pratyaksh, 4th Year B Com. LLB., Amity Law School, Noida

Organization Details

Leges Juris Associates, Advocates & Solicitors, Defence Colony, New Delhi

Partners: Advocate Prachi Singh, Advocate V.K. Singh



Application Process

Applied through personal reference. Though, you can e-mail your CV at [email protected]


5 Weeks, (1 June – 7 July)

First Day, Formalities, Tasks

I reached the office at around 10 a.m. Though Vijay Sir was not present in the office, I was attended by his senior associate and was immediately handed a few case files to study.

I studied the files and prepared a summary for the same. Since most of the matters were associated to the ESI Act, I studied the act extensively and understood the mechanism therein.  

Assignments & Work Experience

I conducted research work initially for the cases of Civil, Criminal and Family Law matters which specifically included Precedents, Case Laws, Landmark judgments, etc.

Also, I was made to accompany my senior associates to various District Courts of Delhi which was integral part of my learning and experience. One gets an idea of how the courts work: appearances, filing of documents, court mannerism, etc.

Mid-way through my internship I was allotted some drafting assignments which included drafting of various Petitions/Complaints/Applications and Replies to applications / Counterclaims / Affidavits, etc. which crucially added to my drafting skills.

I was also allowed to assist my associate in drafting Legal Opinions which was altogether a good experience.

Work Environment & Team

The work environment was easy and calm. The entire team was motivated yet relaxed and would yet manage to complete all the required tasks.

When it came to supervision, the associates were very cooperative in making you understand difficult concepts and would give proper guidance in case of any confusion or difficulty.

We also had interactive sessions with Vijay Sir during which I learnt and understood some universal tips on how an advocate acts and how the legal fraternity works.

Practically, I understood the difference between a Lawyer and an Attorney.

Key Lessons Learnt

The law which you study is way different than the law you practice in reality.

Litigation is the most interesting field to practice law and is the foundation for an attorney and how networking is crucial in this profession.

Handling clients is as important as handling cases.

There are good days and bad days, but bad days are really where you learn and grow.

Even a single year of your law school is enough if you want to build a good CV and improve your approach towards the legal profession. Thanks to my associate for all the appropriate advice and guidance.

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