Internship @ LegalExcel, Law Firm, Bangalore: Hospitable Like Home; Feedback on Work; [Japanese Co-Intern]; Rated 10/10

You know your internship is brilliant when you leave it with a lump in your throat.

Name. College. Year of Study

Yash Vijayvargiya, Second Year(Passed), West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata

Name of the organisation. City

M/S LegalExcel Healthcare, Solicitors and Advocates, Ullal, Bangalore

How big was the office? Team strength?

The firm is headed by Mrs SV Radha Pyari Rao and Prof SV Joga Rao along with 3 or four paralegals.

However, I worked directly under Prof Joga Rao throughout my internship and I don’t remember dealing with anyone else except asking for the files. I also interacted and worked with Ma’am on a regular basis.

Application procedure. Internship contact details

I got to know about this internship from a very favourable internship review posted on Lawctopus by Tanmay.

I sent a mail to along with my CV. Sir immediately replied acknowledging my mail and asking me to wait for few days. I got the confirmation letter within a week asking me to confirm the internship within 48 hours.

Also, I would like to mention that I got a mail with a very detailed description of my first week share of work while I was giving my end semester examinations in Kolkata.

Duration in weeks. No. of days/week. Timings

I interned for about 4 weeks. Timings are 9:30-6:30.

However, you can reach as late as 10:30 and leave at about 6, unless you have some important work. We were never asked to stay beyond 7.

Bad News: Its 6 days a week. I couldn’t even meet most of my friends for the same reason.

Accommodation: how, where, how was it?

The firm is placed in Ullal, which is way off the main city and hence, travelling will be painful if you live in middle of city. I lived in a PG near PESIT College in Banashankari.

The place is full of PGs and restaurants. I lived in a very good PG on main road, which is newly built and is extremely clean.

The name of PG is Sai Rakshita and you can contact the owner Mr. Ajay Kumar at 09845104665/09845101183.

Remember to book it in advance, considering it was full when I went. A single room will cost you about 8k and double sharing would be 4k (food not inclusive). However, the guy will suggest you good food options depending on your preferences.

Try taking a PG near Banashankari or Bangalore University. Also, avoid Nagarbhavi since you will not be getting any direct bus to the place and commuting daily by Bangalore autos is painful.

You can take any 234 series bus from Banashankari.

sv joga rao, a professor, and founder of legalexcel, a bangalore based law firm specialising in medical negligenceFirst impression. First day, formalities etc.

After getting down from the bus and seeing the locality, I was quite apprehensive about the place. However, the office pleasantly surprised me. It was well maintained and stocked (quite swanky too!).

On the first day, Sir and Ma’am formally introduced themselves and then, we all gave our introduction. It was informal and they inquired about where we are staying and other details. We started working immediately after that.

In the evening, few of my co-interns were asked to do a presentation on the assignment they had during the day. After presentation, Sir explained and taught us few important concepts related to contracts and other things that were in dispute. In all, I was quite comfortable and happy about my internship after first day.

Main tasks 

Type of work

LegalExcel is a firm of solicitors and advocates. They offer legal advice on several matters, however, they specialise in offering advice and arguing cases related to medical negligence and allied fields. This only means that most of the clients are Hospitals and Medical Professionals.

The work is not limited to medical negligence. Throughout my internship, I worked extensively on Labour Law, Civil Procedure Code, Law of Torts, Contracts, Insurance Law and even Corporate Law.

Initial days

Every day our work use to start with four of us assembling in Sir’s cabin and discussing what assignments we are to take during the day. We were given work based on our performance as well as keeping in mind our college syllabus. Work involved was a mixture of research and drafting.

During the first three days, I was given research work related to Labour Law and Health Care establishments. Subsequently, the nature of work kept getting interesting and better.

I was asked to prepare interrogatories, questions for cross examination, draft affidavits, prepare legal notices, reply to client queries, finding answers to legal issues, find precedents and prepare arguments (YES! The sorts you do for moot courts).

Review and reviews

Another important work would be going through case files assigned to you thoroughly, discussing it with Sir and Ma’am.Once you are done with the work assigned to you, you are supposed to mail it to sir and he will get back to you with review and changes to be made in the draft.

There were times when I had to work on my draft twice or thrice but rest assured, you will get proper feedback on your work and you will learn the difference between giving an academic answer and answering a client. Most of the learning happens through the changes and amendments you see in the draft prepared by you.

Sir knows what you are up to

Another quick point, sir will never stay on top of your head and make you work. The firm believes in giving interns their space and hence, you can go out and have lunch (warning! More about this later) as per your convenience.

However, remember that sir keeps check on interns will not let you know that. I remember sir reprimanding one of my co-intern in a very sweet way for not doing the work. I’d again say, he does keep a check and you will get to know that only during last week when he will be assessing your performance.

There were times when we watched videos, played loud music and slept off when we didn’t feel like working. However, most of the time we had to make up for it  by going back and finishing our work.

Work environment, people

Prof. JogaRao, Radha Ma’am and Nagendra Sir are easily the nicest people I’ve come across ever in my professional life. They are extremely accommodating and will make you feel comfortable and at ease right from the beginning. Not to mention, Sir’s family will be extremely hospitable and will treat you like friends.

You shall also get tea/coffee at regular intervals. I don’t remember ever feeling awkward or having second thoughts before approaching sir. But trust me, you will hate to disappoint them considering how nice and helpful they will be throughout your internship.

Best things? 

“Remember, you are not my employee but interns. There is a difference between an employee and an intern. While the former needs to finish the work, the latter needs to focus more on learning than finally doing the work.”

These were the words that marked starting of our internship. Throughout the internship, sir made sure that we learn and explore. During this internship, you will realize that once a teacher, always a teacher. Sir’s teaching experience and interaction is quite evident in the way he deals with his interns.

Almost every time there is a legal doubt, sir will explain that to you as a teacher and will have utmost patient to listen and answer your doubts. Initially when I was asked to research on a particular topic, I researched and researched and researched and wrote lengthy brief explaining each and every provision.

I was called immediately in sir’s office where he explained to me the difference between an academic writing and writing of a lawyer. That is something I am going to remember throughout my life.

The moot court!

During the last week of my internship, all of us were called to sir’s office. Sir gave us one file each of a case, which was up for hearing during the next month. The file needless to say contained complaint, evidences, literature and everything. He then looked at us and told us that we have two-three days to go through the file, spend as much time on it as we want.

On the third day, we will have to argue the case from our side and he will be playing the role of opposite counsel or judge. I was assigned a very interesting case and after two days I was very confident about my research and knowledge.

Finally, my turn to argue the case came. It went for more than an hour and soon after, I realized the amount of detailing required in each case. After our presentations were over, we were given proper feedback and advice on how to approach each case. That has been one of the best learning experience till date.

Our last day was memorable, which we spent by going out for lunch and discussing our future career plans with sir and ma’am. We were also given lots of advice and general feedback on our last day. Following which, we were given a very sweet internship certificate along with a Parker pen.

Bad things?

UNSAFE. The locality is not safe for girls and I will not recommend it considering how lonely it gets after 6.

THE PLACE. People say it’s an upcoming locality. Don’t let them fool you. It’s a village. The place was so dull that you could hear your own footsteps. There were times when there was pin drop silence even while walking on main road. Also, Did I forget to mention that you have to walk at least a KM to get a bus?

THE FOOD. Please get something packed with you or else you will starve. One of my co-intern fell sick after we had lunch from the only shack available. Be safe and get something packed or be prepared to die of hunger. The nearest restaurant is at least 4 km and you have to take a bus/auto to get lunch everyday.

THE TRANSPORT. Autos are hardly available and hence, you will have to take a bus for which you might have to wait for almost 20-25 minutes if you are unlucky.

UNSAFE. The locality is not safe for girls and I will not recommend it considering how lonely it gets after 6.

SIX DAYS: This was the first time I was visiting Bangalore and I really really wanted to go out. I had to stay out of the city due to location of firm and just one day off made sure that I could not go out except on Sundays.

What did you do to chill? Co-interns, colleagues

The good thing about sad places like ullal is that it gives you more time to bond with your co-interns and do some really crazy things. Even though the food was bad, all the memories I have are of during our lunchtime going crazy over bad food and remoteness of place. As I said, I made some really close friends thanks to that long wait for buses. J

Stipend/ month


Wow! Really?

Did I mention that we had a US/Japanese Co-intern who came to know about the firm through Lawctopus? Congrats Tanuj for going international 😀

Biggest lessons

I wanted to do an internship where I learn and not just get a certificate. This internship was well beyond my expectations. Not only we were treated with utmost respect, but were given real legal tasks which counted. You know your internship is brilliant when you leave it with a lump in your throat.



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