Internship @ M/S LegalExcel Advocates & Solicitors, Bangalore: Medical Negligence, Consumer Cases, Feedback by Seniors


Name. College. Year of Study

Tanmay D, II year BA LLB(Hons), NLSIU

Name of the organisation. City

M/S LegalExcel, Bangalore

How big was the office? Team strength?

The firm is headed by Mrs SV Radha Pyari Rao and Prof SV Joga Rao along with 3 or four para legals.

My internship was along with a fifth year from NLS and we were later joined by two other students.

Application procedure. Internship contact details

This internship was obtained when I spoke personally to Prof Rao. Interested students may write in to expressing their wish to intern.

The firm may not accept interns at all times of the year and therefore it is advised that one writes into them at the earliest.

Duration in weeks. No. of days/week. Timings

I interned for three weeks, working six days of the week and from 10am to 530 pm.

Accommodation: how, where, how was it?

N/A (I am a resident of Bangalore.)

First impression. First day, formalities etc.

LegalExcel is a small firm in terms of numbers, however, it does an immense amount of work and has developed quite a repute in its field. Upon seeing the small numbers, I was a little apprehensive at first, however, as the day progressed, I saw that the firm worked with immense speed and efficiency and could clear a case’s arguments in a day.

Main tasks 

LegalExcel is a firm of solicitors and advocates. They offer legal advice on several matters, however, they specialise in offering advice and arguing cases related to medical negligence and allied fields.

The firm caters to both hospitals and patients. Most cases are argued in the Consumer Fora and have yielded satisfying results to the parties, so much so that in my duration there, I did not see any appeal.

Although I was in the first year when I interned, the firm encouraged me to partake in all matters at the firm- I was doing ‘real’ legal tasks. This included reading and replying to legal notices. In a few words, this really was a reply to the allegations levelled on our clients. Similarly, I drafted legal notices too, which would be sent by our clients to the erring party.

The next kind of work included going over the formal complaint as sent by the Consumer Fora and replying to that in the format of arguments.

Other work included researching on certain acts and regulations to offer companies advice on various matters ranging from maternity leave to recognition of foreign degrees to even options relating to redressal of charges of libel.

Although I did work on several cases by myself, all my work was scrutinised by the seniors. The best part about it was that I was given excellent feedback on the same and that advice helped me better my skills at writing and drafting.

Work environment, people

The firm is located by Prof and Mrs Rao’s residence and provides a lovely homely feel to the place. That said, the work environment is strictly professional and so is everyone in the firm.

Co-workers were friendly, helpful and ever ready to help us in any case where we needed help.

Best things? 

The simplicity and autonomy given to the interns. We were given a separate room and encouraged to take on as much work as we could by ourselves.

At times, I was given access to old files and told to draft fitting replies without being given the format or any other advice. This was immensely helpful in making me understand how to read cases, notices and complaints and extract the relevant information and put it to our advantage.

Because the firm is located in an upcoming locality, getting by to grab lunch was a bit of a pain and Mrs Rao served us delicious Andhra lunches!

Bad things? 

The firm is, as mentioned, located in a developing locality and therefore transport is a bit of a problem. One needs to walk a bit to hail an auto.

What did you do to chill? Co-interns, colleagues

Usually, after lunch, my senior and I would stroll to the man-made lake close by and hang about for a bit. The firm has no real restrictions on how the interns are to spend their time as long as the work was done. We also played music while working.

Stipend/ month


Anything else you’d like to tell

It was a fantastic internship that came in at an excellent time as I had just completed a course on Consumer Protection and then got first hand experience at the whole process.

The work ethics and the simplicity of the way the firm worked with no hierarchy appealed a lot to me.

Biggest lessons

If one’s taken up law as a career choice, sooner or later, you will find something to make you love it.

An SV Joga Rao video on medical ethics and the law is here.

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