Internship @ Legal League Consulting, New Delhi : Business Development Work for Firms, Dynamic Team, Rs. 3000 Stipend

The team at LLC is a very young and dynamic team. The office environment is relaxed, but one has to meet deadlines of work on a daily basis as the tasks given to the intern are daily tasks.

Name. College. Year of study. Email ID.

Ila Vyas, 4th year, Bharati Vidyapeeth’s New Law College, Pune

Name of the organisation. City. Office Address. How was the office?

Legal League Consulting (LLC), New Delhi, Green Park. The office was situated in the main green park market, a really good place to stay in Delhi.

The office strength was of a small size of around 12 people.

Duration of internship

15th May-15th June-2013

Application procedure? Internship Contact Details

One has to send an email to Divya Vikram at [email protected], who is the internship in-charge, after getting selected at the first stage one has to send a write-up about the nature of work done by LLC.

Duration in weeks. Days of work per week. Timings.

4 weeks, first and last Saturday of the month is working, 10 A.M. to 6.30 P.M.

First impression, first day, formalities

On my first day I had a small interaction with Ms. Bithika Anand, the CEO of the Company who explained to me the kind off work I would have to do as an intern.

Later on, Ms. Divya Vikram explained to me about the nature of the work done by LLC and a small introduction with all the consultants at the company.

I was asked to submit my documents based upon my credentials mentioned in my CV. I also had to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement as LLC maintains a high level of confidentiality about their clients.

Main tasks

LLC is law firm management consultancy company, providing managerial solutions to law firms. Therefore, the tasks were all related to law firm management and its various aspects.

Some of the aspects were business development for law firms, writing business communication emails for business development for law firms, working on HR policies of law firms, Performance Enhancement surveys for Law Firms and making reports for the same, analysing prospective clients for law firms for the purpose of their business development.

Work environment, people

The team at LLC is a very young and dynamic team. The office environment is relaxed, but one has to meet deadlines of work on a daily basis as the tasks given to the intern are daily tasks. The best thing is that their team is very young and friendly which created a very positive environment.

The best things AND the bad things

The best thing is that you get to analyse that how important law firm management is for a law firm, and how tremendously a law firm can enhance its performance if it adopts management solutions for its functioning.

You get to learn how to indulge into business communication with your corporate clients, the law firms that you want to make best friends with or establish alliances with. You can also ask about marketing, advertising & branding strategies that a law firm can adopt to the concerned senior consultants (however work on marketing and branding strategies are rarely given to an intern).

The bad thing is that you have more research work than writing tasks. However I really liked all the writing tasks that I was given.


I was given Rs. 3000 as a stipend for 1 month.

Accommodation etc. What did you to do chill in and around the office and the place of stay?

I used to live in Gautam Nagar which is right behind the green park metro station, a 10 min. walk from green park market. There are loads and loads of PG’s available in Gautam Nagar for both girls and boys.

The accommodation will cost you around 7000/month with food in Gautam Nagar. As green park is nearby from Hauz Khas Village, I often used to go to Huaz Khas Village for hangouts and parties.

There are many amazing restaurants available in near by areas like Huaz Khas as well. Or I would just go to green park market for a walk and chilling out. Since Green Park is in South Delhi, their are loads and loads of options available for hanging out.

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