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Internship Experience @ Legacy Law Offices, Chandigarh: Draft Legal Notices and RTIs

By: User Submitted | July 30, 2016
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Niharika Sharma

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Legacy Law Offices, Chandigarh. They had a CORPORATE and a Litigation Team. 2 partners , 2 Sr. associates, 4-5 Jr. associates. Small team but had good work.

Application Process

I contacted one of the associates (Senior Advocate) Praveen Moudgil through one of my friend who had worked for Sir earlier.

You could apply directly to the firm directly and mail your CV to Shalini ma’am.

She is a partner and the person en-charge for the same.

If they have vacancy they will take you!

Duration of internship and timings

2 weeks – Unfortunately for me, due to some problem I could not continue longer.

Although! I wish I could have gone for longer.

6th July – 20th July

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

Since I had contacted sir. I was working under him. No formalities as such an informal introduction and I was assigned work.

Main tasks

You could be assigned anything.

From something very interesting to something very dry! ( But that’s everywhere)

I was made to draft a few legal notices, RTI applications, etc.

At times work on some ongoing case – find relevant judgement and previsions and discuss the same with sir.

Work environment and people

There are very few law firms in Chandigarh and even fewer who take interns.

People were very nice and helpful.

Best things

The interns and the associates all had lunch together like a big happy family!

Was very kind of them to offer their lunch to everyone.

Sir was very good, one could learn a lot from him. He took interest in what one is doing even Shalini ma’am did for that matter.

The firm had cases and matters of Big top notch Companies mostly dealing with infrastructure.

But it depends on one’s interest.

They had family matters as well!

You could choose between corporate and litigation.

Litigation was very interesting! Drafting legal notices, reading and discussing matters and working on them, etc.

Bad things

At times because sir would be travelling due to outstation cases. I was not allotted work by anyone else.

I had to go and ask everyone for work but they would have already allotted others as i had joined under Sir.

Therefore I suggest one should directly contact the firm



Biggest Lessons

Don’t hesitate to ask questions, you’re still learning!

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