Internship @ Law Offices of Nandan Kamath (LawNK), Bangalore : Sports Law Work, Amazing Work Enviro, Stipend Rs. 4000/M


Name. College. Year of study

Anirban Saikia, NUJS, 4th year

Name of the organisation. City. Office Address. How was the office? Team strength.

Law Offices of Nandan Kamath(LawNK), Bangalore. Office Address: 79/C,
1st Cross, G. Ramaiya Reddy Layout
Nandidurga Road, Benson Town, Bangalore 560046, India.

The office is a small building dedicated to three firms, the GoSports NGO, Playright and LawNK. It is a boutique law firm so has about 4 Associates, and 3 Seniors.

It is a cohesive unit and has a very friendly atmosphere.

They have a two interns per month policy and treat the interns as a part of their team from the very first day.

Duration of internship

May 02, 2013 to June 02, 2013

Application procedure? Internship Contact Details

The website of the Law Offices of Nandan Kamath has a Contact Us page. There’s a form there which one needs to fill up. In the ‘Enquiry About’ field put ‘Internsip Request’. These guys are really quick and will reply back to you with the next 48 hours.

They have a policy of taking in only students who have completed their 3rd year in as interns and minimum for 4 weeks.

Duration in weeks. Days of work per week. Timings.

4 weeks. 5 days per week. The timings are really chilled out. Official timings are from 10am to 7 pm but you can come in by 11am and by 6:30pm all the associates are urging you to go out and have fun: ‘GET A LIFE AND STOP MAKING US LOOK BAD!’

First impression, first day, formalities

I loved the firm LawNK the moment I stepped in. I think it had something to do with a bat signed by Rahul Dravid hanging on the wall! Another reason was that the first Associate I met made me feel right at home.

Then there was that cap with Mary Kom’s signature and that bat gifted by the Kings’ XI Punjab, signed and framed and the amusingly funny notice boards and collages and the fussball table. You name it, they had it.

The internship docket asks you to be in business casuals, but the first day is the only day you will ever wear your formals. Everybody will tell you never to come to office dressed that way! (that BTW is one of the best parts of the internship).

There are no such formalities on the first day. One of the Associates will take you around the office introducing you to everybody and you’ll be given a cubicle and will get to work right away. Yes, they make you sign a Non-Disclosure agreement but that happens sometime later during the day.

nandan kamath
Mr. Nandan Kamath

Main tasks

The work at the Law Offices of Nandan Kamath was simply awesome. The Associates will give you something to work on and an outline as to how to do it. Then on they give you absolute freedom to do it the way you want to.

Your main tasks will involve a lot of research work on absolutely interesting stuff like Stadium Season Ticket Holders’ rights and ad regulations for a big beverages company.

During the IPL season you’ll be tracking down a lot of ambush marketing for IPL, and filing ‘pull down’ notices.

All in all, the work is a lot of fun!

Work environment, people

The work environment at LawNK is amazing. Everyone is helpful. The entire office works like a unified team. You may wear whatever you want to work. Almost everybody’s got earphones on, listening to music while working. The Partner sits with the interns, not to watch over them but to make them feel comfortable and is very friendly.

Every Associate and Partner acknowledges your work and gives you a pat in the back.

Every single one of them is approachable. The work you get is amazing, interesting and worthwhile. At times, the entire office will go out for lunch or ice cream.

Every farewell, birthday and recruitment is celebrated with donuts or cakes or something. In short, it has an amazing work environment. The Associates will offer to take you out, show you the city and tell you where to go on a weekend. There is a huge chance that if you’re going to a famous Pub after office, so is an Associate.

The best things AND the bad things

Well, your comment in this field said, ‘Nothing is all bad or all good’. Well, you’re wrong. Cause everything about this place is good.

The work environment, the work, the people, the timings, that dogs in the office called Scotch and Enzo and the lunches and ice cream treats.

Also, they pay you a stipend.


Rs. 4000/pm

Accommodation etc. What did you to do chill in and around the office and the place of stay?

There are a lot of PGs in Benson Town or Cox town. But the trick here is to stay somewhere equidistant from LawNK and Brigade Road. My suggestion, stay Shanthinagar on Double Road.

Also, DO NOT FORGET to go to Mosque Road for all your lunches. From the best biriyanis at the cheapest rates to the best wheel kebabs in town, this place is a non-vegetarian’s delight.

Then of course there’s your traditional PEECOs and Toit and Chin Lung. Eat at Nando’s and Queen’s. Definitely visit Hysteria for an amazing time. Cheers.

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