Internship Experience @ Law Commission of Karnataka, Bangalore: Good environment, flexible timings

Name of Organisation, Location

Law Commission of Karnataka, Room no 302, Vidhan Soudha, Bangalore

Application Process 

I applied by contacting the phone number given in the website and they instructed me to bring a recommendation letter from our Director along with an application. I went to the office to submit the same and to receive a confirmation letter.

Duration of internship and timings

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2nd May to 31st May 2018, 10.30 am to 5.00 pm.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

On the first day we were briefed about the founding, the functioning and the work of a Law Commission. We were introduced to all the officials and staff and were explained the rules and structure of the organization.

Since the office is in Vidhana Soudha, the rooms for each office is small but all the facilities are available nonetheless.

Main tasks

The Law Commission seeks to make amendments to a statute or introduce a new bill or statute. So we had to research on the topics, find other state’s bills or statute on the same topic and find case laws and judgments and also if there are any guidelines given by Supreme court or Parliament and make a report on the same. Our work in the organization was very much research oriented.

We were also asked to read the Law commission reports.

Work environment and people

The people were very nice and very considerate. During the time of our internship, there was a lot of political conflict and problems and since Vidhan Soudha is the legislature in Karnataka, the environment was more heated there.

The people were considerate and allowed us to go early or take a day off on the days when the strikes and bandhs were intense. They were extremely sweet and offered us coffee or tea whenever the workload was too heavy.

Best things

The work environment, the people and the flexible timings. We also honed our researched skills and learnt the working of a Law commission.


There were days when the topics given were almost of the same kind and it got a bit boring.


No stipend


Since I stay in Bangalore, I didn’t have to look for an accommodation but since the place is in the middle of the city, I am sure there will be affordable PGs nearby.

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