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Internship @ Chambers of Senior Advocate K T S Tulsi: Great Mentors | Mock Trials | Rs.7.5K Stipend!

By: Aishwariya Sunder | September 8, 2015

Name. College. Year of Study

Manasa Tantravahi. Symbiosis Law School, Pune. 2nd year.



Application Procedure

I got the internship with K.T.S. Tulsi directly. I applied to his email ID [email protected] with my CV and a cover letter. He’ll never respond. Call the office.

You’ll get another ID from the co-ordinator, whoever it is at that point of time. You can find details regarding the internship application procedure here.


The reporting time is 9:00 am , but there is no particular time for leaving.

Best things

There is free lunch, a stipend of 7,500 and a chance to learn from the legend himself, K.T.S. Tulsi.

Not so best things

Not much work most of the time, aggressive associates and not much of a prospect job-wise.

Major work

About drafting work, I had just one drafting assignment. I worked on ‘Uphaar’ quite a bit for K.T.S. Tulsi.

Once a week, we had a mock trial based on current affairs and the interns get divided into two, for and against. It’s judged by K.T.S. Tulsi himself, and you have best speakers in those trials. If you win, you get an additional Rs. 5000! (which is quite an incentive). That was the best part of the internship.

Since you are informed of the case just a day before you argue, it’s more about application of reasoning than law. And he’s quite strict in terms of judging, so you have to be well prepared to not have him listen to most of your arguments.


Great work. The internship at the chambers of K.T.S. Tulsi office is worth it, mainly for the stipend.

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