Internship @ Krishnamurthy & Co., Bangalore: Drafting Plaints, Diversified Practice Areas, Rated 9/10

Name of the Organisation

Krishnamurthy & Co., stylised as KLaw, Bangalore.



Application Process         

Email at , specifying your location preference. A telephone interview generally follows, where the interviewee is asked about his/her core areas of interest.

Duration of Internship      

02.06.2014-30.06.2014 (4 weeks)

5 day weeks are the norm in this firm, a welcome relief on account of the intense and charged work atmosphere on each of the days that are working.  A typical workday is from 09:30 hours to 19:00 hours, though one may need to stay beyond 7 p.m to round off a days’ work.


I bunked with friends, but the Firm is located in a bustling part of town, with many options for Paying Guest Facilities within a 1 km radius.

Location and Team Size

Address- Krishnamurthy & co., Prestige Takt, 23/ 4th Floor, Kasturba Road Cross, Bangalore- 560001.


Directions-One may take the metro till MG Road station, and then hire an autorickshaw to the British Council Library or walk till the building.

TIP: Look for the blink-and-miss left turn between Shahwar Nissan Motors Ltd. and Karnataka Bank, and the building veers into plain sight.

An estimated 35 legal professionals, and 10 people comprised the administrative strength in a plush, new office.  They have a separate roof area for Luncheons, and birthday parties, apart from 3 conference rooms. Thanks to its positioning, several eateries are located at a walking distance from the premises.

First Impressions 

Despite my acquaintance with the Garden City and my reliable GPS, first day of work would see me lost and bewildered (on account of the numerous ‘Prestige Towers’ sprinkled across the town) until I decided to place a phone call to the HR Manager (who incidentally had changed jobs that very morning).

A frantic half an hour later, I reached office premises very red-faced but still punctual. It is recommended that one acquaint themselves with the precise location beforehand.  The newly appointed HR Manager and I were then introduced to the entire office together, after which I was made to sign a Non-disclosure Agreement.

A very helpful, congenial ambience prevails, what with one really cool associate leaving on my table a sketch of the route to the nearest bakery upon being told that I was unaware of any places to grab a bite.

And again, when Bangalore’s skies burst open, associates insisted that I stay for a while longer till they could drop me back home safe and dry. All in all, my first day had endeared the office to me.    

Work Atmosphere 

Crisp, Competent and Interactional, each Klaw office across the World  is constantly interfacing with the other, be it for birthday wishes or professional updates.

A time-bound work culture, the associates are quite casual and jolly while reserving all the steel for their professional endeavours. Mainly research based work is allotted to interns, with added emphasis on legislation and case laws, subsequent processing of that research into definitive legal analysis and legislative monitoring.

I had the good fortune of drafting plaints for Trademark Infringement and Commercial End-User License Agreements.

As for the work itself, I for one, was never bored. The Firm could well boast of one of the most diversified practises possible, with a variety of subject matters and very cool clientele, especially in the Media Law segment.

To be entirely honest, due diligence was sloughed off to me from time to time, as were minor drafting and reply jobs, but they were on the rare side, and just as much a part of corporate compliance, so one ought not to complain.

This internship was also more hands-on, to the extent that I was allowed to sit in on client calls, respond to queries posed by them (only after having duly researched, and analysed the answers, of course.) Adding further credence to the networking in this firm is the fact that I was even reporting to a Partner from a different office on certain matters.

Owing to how they take in only two interns for every slot, workflow is almost uninterrupted and very rarely does one get to put their feet up and relax.

Interns are expected to submit a daily worksheet to the Associate Partners, so there is a constant communication between interns and the associates.

While associates are approachable with an easy camaraderie about themselves, professional concerns are still met with adeptness and a no-nonsense air. There is always constructive feedback on your work, and questions are welcomed.

The Firm, atleast the Bangalore office does not boast of a very exhaustive library, but for the most rudimentary of Law Books. However, they have online access to almost every Indian Legal database available.

Every intern is required to present on a topic of his/her choice, wherein the firm is in full attendance.

Focus Areas

A full-service Law firm, their teams mirror the classifications itself – Corporate (innovative and proactive), Capital Markets (cutting-edge), Litigation (energetic and intuitive), Intellectual Property (headed by Nikhil Krishnamurthy himself), Real Estate, Labour Laws, Mergers & Acquisitions, etc. A month of interning here would fortify one’s grasp of each of these areas of Law.

A time to work and a time for play

Tea/Coffee is served twice a day, and this is usually viewed as chill time, to enjoy the Bengaluru breeze and take ones’ mind off work for a while.

The Good


The Brilliant

The breadth of exposure. And an eminent, knowledgeable boss with an astounding grasp of Intellectual Property Rights who is also quite easy-on-the eye. Heh.

The Wishlist

Ah well, this particular well ne’er runneth dry.

1. The Firm does not have a policy of Paid internships, and true, the money is never important (Pshaw!)  but a Stipend would have made this experience a full 10.

2. The Certificate could have been a bit more embellished, with a performance-based review.

3. A pre-placement offer. If only!

The Last Word

I would rate this internship a 9 on 10 as far as work-ethic and value-for-performance are concerned. It is not strenuous or taxing, and no unrealistic expectations (with regard to time investment) are cast  upon the intern.

The only expectation is by way of performance, and an eye-for-detail. I would suggest that this firm be on your list if you have even a rudimentary interest in the Law of Intellectual Property Rights.

The entry was a part of the Summer Internship Experience Writing Competition organized by LexisNexis and Lawctopus. was the learning partner for the competition.

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