Internship @ Kochhar, Chennai : Friendly Environment, Good Work, No Stipend

Name. College. Year of study. Email ID

My name is Jos Antony Koppanalil and I am currently in the third year of my study in NUALS, Kerala.

Organisation/team strength

Kochhar and Co, Chennai. The office is conveniently located in the Delta Wing of Raheja Towers in Mount Road, Anna Salai. All the office complexes in Raheja Towers are very good and so is Kochhar & Co. The office is well furnished and and the environment is always pleasant and ideal to work.

The Associates sit in cubicles while the partners have separate enclosures. In the office, there were four partners, about 8 associates and 6 paralegals. There were also some non legal personnels who managed the publication department of the firm.

Application procedure?

One can send your resume to She is the HR and the Senior Accocunts Manager of the firm. They will take about a week for processing your resume and if your qualification matches with the specific requirements of the firm, the same will be intimated in a week. It is always ideal to apply a semester in advance as the firm is in high demand for internship.

I got my internship confirmed in October 2012.

Duration in weeks. Days of work per week. Timings.

May 2- May 30. I interned for a period of four weeks. Weekend are not working. On weekdays, the regular working hours are from 10 am to 5.30 pm. There were some days when I had to work late in the office. But it was very rare.

First impression, first day, formalities

On reaching office the first day, I was introduced to all the associates and Partners by the HR. I was also given a system. This was infact my first internship at a corporate firm. Before, I had interned with a litigation firm in Delhi and also with an organisation called Alternative law forum in Bangalore.

So I had no clue as to what was lying ahead. I sat for some time browsing in the PC expecting some one to give me some work. But that did not happen.

So I approached an Associate who was sitting right opposite me for some work. He gave me some work. But this was the first and last time that I had to go seeking work. From then one, I always had work coming to me and that was nice.

They serve good coffee in the office in the morning and evening. If you feel like having a coffee at some odd time, then you can very well ask for one from the pantry.

The lunch is given in the office and it would be unfair on my part if I don’t mention how awesome it was-  Chappatis, Paneer Butter Masala, Rice, vegetable curry, Gulab Jamun and much more!!!!

It was really cool. On the first day itself I realized that at Kochhar, they give work to interns irrespective of which year of study we are in. One’s future prospect of receving a work during the internship depends on how well you fair with the first allotted work. I had a co-intern from NLU O and also from NALSAR.

I was also asked to sign an internship agreement in which the important term was non disclosure of confidential information.

Main tasks

During my internship, I mostly worked for a Senior Associate. During the first two weeks, I was exclusively working with him on a deal where Kochhar was advising an Italian Company. I was lucky enough to attend numerous conference calls with the client and draft replies to their queries on various corporate matters.

I also had the opportunity to make a comparative study of the Indian and Italian laws in matters like whether voting rights is given along with pledge of shares to a financial institution and all. I also helped in drafting board meeting resolutions for both appointment and resignation of a Director.

The Kochhar and Co’s Chennai office also has an IP team with extensive practice. Though I did not work much for them, I used to check the availability of names for companies and submit a report on that. Meanwhile, one of the partner was writing an article on cyber crimes to be published in an European Journal and interns were asked to contribute to that.

Towards the last week, I got to attend a client meeting on a land acquisition matter. Hence, I was almost busy throughout the internship.If ever one get some free time, that can be very well utilized in the firm’s library.

Work environment, people

The work environment at Kochhar and Co. was very chilled out. Everyone in the office had lunch together. Partners had a separate room for that. The lunch time conversation would range from complex corporate case law discussions to even review of a newly released movie. All the Associates were young and very friendly. They really do pay attention to the intern’s points and opinion and regard it.

Good things:

The best thing is that the Kochhar internship served as a good platform for me to understand corporate laws. It was a very nice learning experience for me and the various corporate issues that I came across in the internship gave me good topics to work o writing a paper.

Bad things:

The only bad thing is that there is no stipend. But then, the FOOD more than makes up for it!

Stipend/month: Zero

Accommodation etc.

I stayed in a PG in Triplicane. It is Sreekrishna Guest House, Behind Hotel Ratna Cafe. It was really a very good place to stay and the rent was also reasonable. The PG was at a walkable distance from the office.

Marina Beach, Express Avenue, City Centre were all very near my place of living. So I never had the need to explore other places to chill out. There are also a lot of good eateries in and around the place.

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