Internship @ Kochhar and Co., Gurgaon

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Nupur Walia, University Institute of Legal Studies, Panjab University, Fourth year

Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

Kochhar & Co., Gurgaon Office. The office was of a decent size. The partners had offices while every associate and intern was given their own cubicle. The partners have their own team.

The team I was working under was the maximum in numerical strength with a total of 4 associates working under the partner.

Application Process

You can apply at the site of the firm. They follow a strict application procedure. They correspond through mails and do not prefer being bombarded with phone calls.

Duration of internship and timings

January 2-31, 2014. Mostly Monday to Friday for interns. But they might call you on Saturday if the work is too much. Timings are usually 9:30 to 6:30. They only ask you to stick around after 6:30 if there is any work that needs immediate attention.

You can ask the senior you are working under and leave at 6:30 if there isn’t any work. You cannot leave before that.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The first impression that I had was of professionalism. They have a proper procedure in place for introducing the intern to the firm. You have to sign a couple of forms and they give you a detailed internship policy to read.

They even give you a tabulated sheet to record the work done. It makes it easier to make the certificate at the end of the month.

Main tasks

My main task was to research. I was told to research by almost all the associates of the team I was working with. I was given all kinds of research to do. Sometimes, I was told to write an article corresponding to the research.

The work I learnt the most was to draft as a lawyer. By the end of the internship I was given an arbitration case for which I had to write the whole of the submissions. I was given an idea how to write an opinion note for a client too.

I was directly involved in the cases and was given the whole case files to read at times when I needed to be thorough with my understanding of the case before proceeding with the research.

Work environment and people

As was my first impression of the firm, the work environment was very professional. Every associate and partner was busy with their designated work. Till lunch time, you cannot find anyone free at all. The people were very nice.

Every associate as well as the partners were very welcoming and wanted the interns to learn more. They shared their experiences and gave advice whenever needed. They were always polite and easily approachable for any help.

They never reserved their praise, and were very vocal if they found my work up to the mark.

Best things

The professionalism and the work that we get. The cubicle was also a first at any internship. Their coffee machine has the best coffee.

Bad things

There is no stipend. For a person who is not living in Gurgaon, it is a lot of expenditure, especially more so because there aren’t any metro stations really close by.


None. Stipend can be given only if the partner says you should be given a stipend.

Biggest Lessons

Well the biggest lesson here was that we need to put in long sittings on research of any kind. The research work was of a high quality, so it required continuous application of mind as well search. Research was not limited to Manupatra or indiankanoon.

All kinds of research papers were also needed to be read in order for it be a thorough research.

Any Other Thing

There was a little shack right next to the office building which used to serve the widest range of tea I’ve ever seen. It was called ‘Just for Chai’.

So, if you intern in winter, enjoy a cup of tea and chill and chit chat with your co-interns.

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