Internship Experience @ KK Sareen and Associates, New Delhi: Encountered Real Life Situation of Criminals

Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

KK Sareen & Associates, Advocates at Patiala House Court (Chamber number 169), New Delhi. Office in B-7, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi. Adv. Aman Sareen (the head) with around 10-12 associates, all of whom are very efficient and helpful.

Application Process

I got it through my father’s contact. But you can directly apply through [email protected].

Duration of internship and timings

One month in April 2017.

Timings: 10am to 2:30pm for various court proceedings in district courts, High Court and the Supreme Court after that we need to work in the office for the next day’s case till 7:30 – 8 pm.

Office work, Experiences

Aman Sir asked me to reach his chamber at around 10 am and then, I was told about the working by his juniors. They were extremely helpful. Aman Sir and his associates go to different courts as per the hearing of the respective cases, so I was asked to join one of his juniors for a case in PHC itself.

Likewise Aman sir would explain us whom we should accompany the next day depending upon the cases we have read over in the office the previous day.

After completion of the court cases all the associates would reach office by 3 pm. After which they would be going through the cases for the next day.

The interns would get a lot of experience through the office work by reading files of different, mostly criminal and civil cases and then at times they are advised to do drafting wherein a junior advocate would guide them and they even get to deal with the actual clients that has come to meet Aman Sir.

Sir has a chamber in the PHC and an office space in DDA Flats, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi.


The first and the foremost task that Aman sir is strict about is about the court proceedings.

He want all his interns to attend as much court proceedings as possible so that we could gain experience and knowledge through the same. He would then ask us various questions regarding the court proceedings that we have attended that day.

The second task would be to read various files and make short notes for the respective files which the juniors would go through. The notes should be strictly precise and to the point which is possible only if we would have read the files thoroughly which increases in us a tendency to read more.

The other tasks would include a bit of drafting, listening to the clients woes etc.

Work environment and people

All his junior advocates were very helpful specially Mr. Ravi Mehta Sir and Ms. Nidhi Maám.

They would guide us with every possible thing, Ravi sir would ask us different questions regarding the cases we have dealt with or the files that we were reading etc.

Plus, AMAN SIR was always ready to help us in whatever matter and would guide us regarding the court proceedings etc.

The Good

The best part was the court proceedings that we tend to attend specially for the criminal cases.

The Bad

Nothing bad.




Though I always wanted to pursue law and considered it as my only passion, I never attended any court proceedings or for that matter never entered into the premises of any court. Hence, this was my first experience and undoubtedly “THE BEST”.

I encountered the real life situations of criminals, the crimes etc.

I was a bit confused about whether I should get into litigation as such before this internship but now I am pretty sure “I am definitely going to enter into litigation”.


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