Internship @ Kings and Alliance, New Delhi: Litigation Work; 7500 Stipend: Enthusiasm + Heart

Name of the intern: Karnika Bansal, University Institute of Legal Studies,Panjab University,Chandigarh, Third year

How big was the office? Team strength? The office space is decent. It is a basement office divided into 3 main areas. The moment one enters there is a reception and waiting area followed by Mr Mohit Chaudhary’s Chamber, work station area and a conference room.  There is a small kitchen and a washroom towards the end.

There are total of four Associates with two Munshis – one for SC & one for HC respectively, 1 typist and two office boys.

Application procedure:  The application is to be mailed along with the detailed CV.

One can email his/her CV at addressed to Mr. Chaudhary. (He heads the firm).

All other contact details are available at

Duration/timings: My internship period at Kings and Alliance (KnA) was 1 month with 6 working days in a week. However one is free to apply for two months period as well.

Timings are from 10:30 am till 8 pm but they one can make a request according to convenience.

First impression. First day: On my first day I had to report to one of the associates at the office. My first impression of the office was that the environment and conduct is going to be very formal and strict. I had to write my details on a message slip before I could move beyond the reception area.

On being acknowledged by Mr. Chaudhary, since the associate was not present, I was directed towards the conference room.

I sat there for half an hour when a gentleman walked in. I greeted him and from his presentation I assumed him to be a senior at the firm. Soon I was directed to work with him on a matter, nervous of working instantly with a senior I quickly pulled up my socks.

Not only did I find out that he was a junior associate but over the days I realized he was the most fun person around.

Main tasks: I was not given any particular field to work. Since Kings and Alliance (KnA) is a litigation firm, I was given the opportunity to get involved like a regular associate according to my subjects and knowledge. I did research on varied legal propositions, handled clients, draftings and attended court proceedings both at SC & HC.

I was made a part of all office meetings. I was made to witness client meetings. I accompanied for conferences with senior advocates on important matters.

I was given an opportunity to research on and witness arbitration tribunal matters, money laundering tribunal matter & mediation matter.

One of my best experiences at work was to draft a criminal legal notice for a Client, issue it the concerned person and give the concerned person a call on behalf of the client and the firm to tell him that he is going to be served for his unlawful acts (a bitter sweet feeling). 

PS- I got client appreciation for the same which feels like an awesome achievement.

Work environment, people: Honestly it is one of the best offices to work at. The office is very organised and planned. The team is young and energetic. Thankfully its the first office where people come to work and not to plan, plot or gossip. I got along with the associates one the first day over lunch and then the good time followed.

The SC & HC munshis – Mr. Upendra & Mr. Kushal always pushed me to do extra. Whenever free they used to take me for a round in the various sections of the court premises explaining me how things work.

Mr. Chaudhary who heads Kings and Alliance ensures that everyone on the field does not only sweat but also gains. All said and done its worth the time and effort spent with them.

Best things:  I will not sound like am wooed by the office in 1 month but I cant also deny the fact that I am in love with the working culture and the exposure it offers not only as an intern but also as an employee.

Mr. Chaudhary loved to share experiences and cleared legal doubts whenever travelling together. Mr Chaudhary with his rich experience and love for the legal profession infuses a spark of enthusiasm in people around him.

What needs a mention is that the typist at the firm is a dumb-and-deaf man and the way he is a part of the team is fantastic.

Bad things:  In my view what my internship lacked was assignment of dedicated duties. I did a bit of everything.

During my court visits there was no substantial work assigned to me except hearing and observing court proceedings which in my view did not help me get a practical insight of working at the courts.

Since it was a litigation firm half of the day was spent in courts leaving only some time to spend in office and work on my assignments.

What did you do to chill? I did not have any co-interns. However coincidentally I shared the common love for food with my colleagues. Whenever we used to spare some time either during lunch intervals or otherwise we used to slip to canteens and eat. When in office we used to share lunch boxes and have small tea parties whenever possible.

The best memory is of my last day when Mr. Chaudhary took all of us for my farewell lunch to a 4 star (a complete delight) where each one of us unleashed our true love for food.

PS- The 4 star is one of the client which makes it an obvious choice.

Stipend/ month: 7500/month.

Anything else: Anyone who wishes to take up litigation as a career must try and work at Kings and Alliance (KnA).

Biggest lessons: Legal profession is far more than what we are taught inside the four walls. Winning and loosing is only one part, one  has to dig deep inside and everywhere possible to play the game.

PS- Mohit Chaudhary (linkedin)

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