Internship Experience @ Khaitan Sud & Partners, Delhi: Get Variety of Work

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Khaitan Sud & Partners, Delhi

Application Process

Application has to be made on the firm’s website, under the careers head. Fill the required form and attach your resume. Follow up on phone if required.

Duration of internship and timings

9th June – 21st July, 2014 (6 weeks)

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

On the first day I was told to report by 9:30 am, though the associates turned up around 10 am. I was made to sit in the library which is on the first floor as interns are required to sit there only. The new interns are required to report to the HR who sits on the second floor. The HR will allot the department and will give the details of the person to be contacted. I was allotted the Project Finance team.

The interns are required to carry their own laptops, which I did not know so had to borrow a co-intern’s laptop on the first day and need to configure it with the IT department as they will provide you the WiFi password and connectivity to the printers.

The office is well maintained and has a coffee machine which comes to your rescue when your mind stops working.

Main tasks

Even though I was working under the Project Finance team but was given work by other teams as well like litigation, corporate, etc. This gave me a chance to learn and work upon a variety of researches.

I was made to research on various topics and also made notes on the topics allotted to me. One of the biggest task given to me was a report on land due diligence and a presentation. Then there was endless tasks of proof-reading. The Project Finance team is required to make agreements which usually runs into 130 pages or more.

Work environment and people

The people are friendly and co-operative. The associates are helpful and easy to approach. Even the senior associates are accessible when required.

The support staff is extremely helpful.

The work environment is not that rigid but you are expected to meet the deadlines.

The Project Finance team is very particular about the formatting and structure of the research notes made. Each team has its own set structure of formatting and reference.

I was lucky to be part of quite a few celebrations as well. All the interns were given the refreshments which were ordered for the associates.

Best things

The best thing is that you are free to interact with the associates and get a variety of work.

There is no dearth of work in the project finance team.

All the interns are made to sit in the same room so it is never boring to work and you learn from each other’s experience.

Other good thing is the proximity to the metro station.

Bad things

There is nothing bad as such but yes working on Saturdays till 5 or at times 6 in the evening was a pain.


No stipend for any intern.

Biggest Lessons

It was a great learning experience for me as I learnt the corporate way of life. It was my first experience in such an organization and has helped me to polish my research skills and most importantly the presentation of my work.

No matter how good your research is if it is not properly formatted and presented it will fail to impress the client.

Any Other Thing

One thing which I learnt was that if you are willing to work and are accommodating then your efforts will surely be appreciated.

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