Internship Experience @ Khaitan and Khaitan, Delhi: Got to do extensive research



From August 1-31 (2016) morning 9 AM to evening 6 PM. (Exit timings may extend depending on your workload)


I applied through a senior associate who is there in the firm. I dropped my application with my CV in his e-mail address.


I felt like an alien on my 1st day because it was my first internship with a firm. Though I was too excited but somewhere or the other  I was bit nervous too.

I was there in the office on my first day at 9 AM. After an hour Surabhi mam, an associate at the firm came to me and made me introduce to all the associates and senior associates of the firm. Then I was first assigned to do a research work.

The research was so extensive that it took me a whole long day to complete it. Everyone at the office is too friendly. They explain very swiftly when they assign work to any intern.

I was assigned work from the partners too. I felt that everyone at the firm was very friendly and took utmost care of the interns.


The office is located behind the Renault showroom. Partners, interns and the reception is there in the ground floor and all the associates and senior associates are placed in the basement.

The office has 4 boardrooms and a cafeteria where you can sit and have your food. You have to bring your own food, no cooked food is served there.


From the very first day I was given much work. Starting from associates to partners everyone gave me research work. Basically they gave research on arbitration matters, matters relating to contract act, companies act etc.

It is purely a corporate firm so they dealt always with the matters relating to contract, arbitration, insurance, constitution and contract laws etc.


Because it is a firm so all the time you may not get to work. Even the same happened with me.

Sometimes you will be overloaded with work and sometimes you will have brisk work or no work.


You have everything there to chill out. There is a park nearby where you can go for a refreshment or else you can go to a famous bakery shop called MAXIM’S. You can have good food and there are many more restaurants in that same market circle.


Because it is a firm no one will you come to you, so basically you have to go to everyone to get work. you cant even sit idle because the place where you will sit will be just in front of the partners.

Though they will be least interested to know what you are doing or not, still you will be concerned always doing some or the other work.

Interact as much as you can with the partners or senior associates. Though they won’t be having much time still they will denote you some, an interaction with them will definitely give you a lot of knowledge about the legal field.

You have to submit your work in the given deadline or else you will be dead. :P…… And the research works must be done quickly and in a very short time.

Never say ‘NO’ to any work assigned by whomsoever it may be, that will definitely create a bad impression of yours in front of everyone.


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