Internship @ Khaitan & Co., Kolkata: Busy Work Environment, Enriching Experience, Rs. 5000 Stipend

Name. Year. College.

Bhavini Srivastava. 3rd Year. Symbiosis Law School, Pune

Place of Internship

Khaitan & Co., Kolkata


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6th May to 7th June, 2013 (5 weeks)


Rs. 5000

Application Procedure

Email your curriculum vitae and 10th and 12th Board mark sheets to the office.

I made use of contacts to procure the internship.

Location of the Office

The Board Rooms, each named after a major Indian river, are enthralling and intimidating.

It is located at Emerald House, a jade green building just as the name suggests, right next to the High Court. Eden Garden is also nearby.

The office is sprawled at three floors of the building. The interiors are pleasant and comely.

The Board Rooms, each named after a major Indian river, are enthralling and intimidating.

Work Environment at Khaitan and Co., Kolkata

Our profession entails smart and presentable attire. Thankfully there is no rule to wear formal trousers and blazer every day. Coloured kurtis were allowed though jeans were strictly prohibited.

My co-interns were from different colleges such as NUJS, NLUO, ILS, Christ College. All 6 of us were given the same work-place. It is imperative to carry laptops from the very first day. After the basic courteous introductions, we were heaped with work.

There was no time at all to sit idle in the office.

The official timings were from 10 am to 5 pm but we usually worked till 7 or 8 pm. Working days were Monday to Saturday. There were a slew of associates who assigned us work.

The associates are calm and patient in explaining the job to be done. They do not take a jibe at you but in actuality are quite convivial to talk to. Almost all the work that was assigned to us was to be done in a group. We would get hot and frothy coffee as refreshment almost each time we asked for it.

It is totally up to you whether you want to take up more work, be more conscientious or hop your way back home. You have to prove your worth out there. If you find the work assigned too nondescript, nobody would stop you from leaving.

But in my opinion, it is better to stay and help out otherwise, what was the whole point in applying for the internship in the first place? You could ask for some work if there is no impending deadline.

khaitan and co. internship kolkata

The library at Khaitan and Co., though not very imposing and spacious was well equipped with all books of utility on multifarious subjects. I was given work in property laws, intellectual property laws, arbitration and conciliation and company law.

At the helm of the law firm is Mr. R.N. Jhunjhunwala. Sir inspires admiration and veneration from all and sundry. He is a grandfather figure who spins a yarn of delectable legal stories. He possesses the gift of gab which can attract and retain attention to the most drab and dreary details of the case file.

He would at times reward our assiduousness by giving us some money and free time to eat outside. Sir would sit down with us address all our difficulties, reprimand us slightly for the errors committed and work with us till late hours of the evening. Sir has the repertoire needed to survive in this competitive, scheming and manipulative legal world.

We were taken to the iconic Kolkata High Court to hear the proceedings of a live case of property dispute. That was a very enriching experience, observing the loftiness of the court rooms, the picturesque architecture, the old and musty books preserved from the early 19th century.

We were mainly required to read up the case files, give a written submission and suggest remedies.  Sir would reiterate the importance of good presentation as a tool of persuasion and conviction. No need to use bombastic, grandiloquent words, brevity and precision is the key.

One day, a feast was organized for all the interns by Sir. The food served was far too good than cogitated. Tomato soup with pasta for starters, noodles and a dish of mushroom, babycorn and broccoli for the main course and a tooti-fruity ice-cream in long tube glasses for desserts!!

If Sir is a benevolent person, he could also be a stern taskmaster when circumstances required. We were required to submit certain documents with the High Court before it closed for summer vacations and needless to say meeting the deadline was of extreme importance.

That was one long turbulent day of immense agitation, high blood pressure, palpitation, squabbling and bickering over highly inconsequential things. Rest of the days were not as hectic.

The most amiable and approachable were Jeevan and Rishav Sir. If you are bogged down or exasperated and need to be mollified, they can surely sooth you if nobody else is available. Obviously if they themselves are not mired in a quagmire of vicious deadlines or hopscotching to the Court.

Sources of Merriment

At Khaitan and Co., we used to get a break everyday between 1 pm to 3 pm. This was the best time of the day when we would embark on exploring new restaurants, delighting our taste buds with highly sumptuous food. The duration of our break would vary according to the workload. There were times when we would work tirelessly till the evening without any break at all.

There is an array of street vendors selling hot and piping puris, jalebis, chaat, chicken rolls, momos right outside the building. For the tastiest Chinese at incredulously low cost, go to The Little Place. Then there is IRCTC within the Court premises. Park Street is also nearby, 10 minutes by cab.

Places like Armenia, Oly, Sub Zero and Golden Spoon are some of the frequent haunts in the city. I even went for Go Goa Gone at the well-known amphitheatre Roxy with my co-interns. We visited the St. John’s church as well where a few scenes of the movie Parineeta was shot.

There are tablets eulogising the valour of dead British soldiers. You can also see Lady Canning’s, viceroy Lord Canning’s grave.

Last Words

Loitering about the ghaats, exploring new nooks and corners of the city, enjoying the early monsoons, developing a staunch camaraderie with co-interns, pleasing my eyes and soul with the old-world charm of the city, dealing with the challenges of working in a law firm, this summer spent at Kolkata was surely one of the most halcyon summers of the 19 years of my lifetime.

Disclaimer: Internship experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus official views on the internship.

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