Internship @ Kanga and Co, Mumbai: Attending Arbitration Proceedings, Stipend of Rs. 1500/Month

Name: Varun Loonkar

Year: Third Year of the Five Year Law course

College: Government Law College, Mumbai

Name of the Organisation: Kanga & Co.

Address of the Organisation: 1st Floor, Readymoney Mansion, 43, Veer Nariman Road, Fort, Mumbai – 400001

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How to get through ?

I got the internship through contacts. Initially for a month which was then extended.

Although they do not entertain individual applications much but people can get an internship through the Placement Cell of their colleges too.

Contact Details:

Phone No.: 022-66230000

Email id:

How was the office ?

Located in downtown Mumbai, Kanga & Co. is in the middle of the Business District and within walking distance from the High Court of Judicature at Bombay.

The office is huge with space for 16 partners and around as many associates along with article clerks and interns spread over two floors, i.e., the first floor and the fourth floor of the same building. A good pantry filled with all kinds of biscuits to munch during the day and a coffee machine with varieties of teas are among the many perks that you get for working in a high profile 125 year old firm such as Kanga & Co.

Duration of the Internship, Workdays and Timings:

3 months (16th June-15th September). 5/6 days a week. Alternate Saturdays (half-days) beginning from the first one of the month are working.
Timings: 10 a.m.-7 p.m. (Barring some departments, the timings are very flexible)

Accommodation and Transport:

I live in a hostel at Grant Road so accommodation or travelling was not a problem for me. But outsiders can easily find PG accommodations in nearby areas like Marine Lines or Colaba for around 10 k – 12 k a month which is pretty reasonable taking into consideration the exorbitantly high prices for flats or PG’s elsewhere in Mumbai.

Transportation also won’t be a problem for the people staying nearby as travelling by buses and trains is really cheap. Travelling by taxis can also be a good option if you live in the neighboring areas.

First impression. First Day, formalities, etc.:

There were no formalities at all. The first day was basically only an introduction day to the office staff and co-interns and associates. But work started coming towards the end of the day and then there was no looking back.

Now comes the most important thing about an internship.

The Work:

I was in the litigation department. So naturally a lot of reading was to follow. And as expected, at first I was given only reading work. But gradually, the drafting work started coming up in the form of drafting Notices of Motion, Chamber Summons, Affidavits of Service, etc.

Initially, it took a lot of time to draft a single document but then things started falling into place and once I got the grip of things then drafting seemed to be a lot more easier.

After getting a good hand at drafting, then my boss started giving me research work. I did a lot of research work. Some of the research was on Summary Procedures, Defendant’s weakness to start with and then numerous sections of the Code of Civil Procedure or Indian Evidence Act. The best part about the Research in my Department was that my boss had asked me not to use the internet for any research work.

Instead he encouraged me to do all the research work from the commentaries and other books,the trend of which is decreasing day-by-day. He insisted me on learning how to find out the cases from AIRs and other Law Reporters or Law Journals rather than using Manupatra or other sites. He would now and then ask me to research on something and which he used for his matters.

During the internship, I was given separate matters to handle and go for their hearings and attend meetings of the Clients and the Advocates which was a very good exposure.

Then towards the end of the internship, I even got to attend Arbitration Proceedings for a matter in which I would assist my boss and at the end of the day he would ask me to summarize the whole proceedings of the day, ensuring that I pay keen attention at the Arbitration and not elsewhere.

The one thing by which I was impressed the most was that one day my boss asked me to prepare a Power of Attorney without giving me a format. He had asked me to write everything myself without any external help using my common sense and knowledge as to what all would come in a Power of Attorney. I did what was asked and he made the necessary changes.

All in all, it was a very good place to learn at if you are really interested. Otherwise, there were even days when I had to sit idle for the whole day but that can be overcome by going to your boss and asking for work regularly so that even he knows that you are interested in learning and in the future he would call you up himself to give you work and other responsibilities.

Work environment. People:

The work environment was very nice. I was always aware of the late working hours in a law firm which frightened me but there was no such thing at Kanga & Co. (except, as I mentioned above, in some departments). There was a perfect mixture of everything. The associates were very friendly and helpful and when the situation required them to be strict, they were strict also.

There were cake-cutting ceremonies very frequently in the office on every small occasion such as Birthdays or when it was an intern’s or associate’s last day. The staff also was very friendly but there were some people who would be laid-back in their work and as a result spoiling your work which would then lead to a thrashing to you from your boss.


This is probably the one thing which would hold back people from joining this firm in case if someone is looking for a paid internship. They pay their short term interns only 1500 rupees for a month whereas the long term interns gets Rs. 5000 per month. It is a place for people who are looking for experience and not for money.

Good things and Bad things:

There were a lot of good things about the internship. The most important thing is the experience which you get there. People always have this misconception that big firms don’t give much work to their interns due to confidentiality clause with their clients or lack of work skills, etc. but this place does nothing like that. Instead, they devote their time to teach us things that in future we could work on.

The bad thing there was probably the lack of work sometimes. If you do not ask for work yourself, then maybe you will go back home after being jobless the whole day. The other bad thing about the internship which I noticed with other interns was that they are not given much work if they come only for a month. By the time, people start learning their internship ends.

Disclaimer: Internship experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus official views on the internship.

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