Internship Experience @ Kamal and Bhanu Associates, Bangalore: Made me feel like an advocate already

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Mithel Reddy R, School of Law, Christ University, 2nd year

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Kamal and Bhanu Associates, Cunningham Road, Bangalore, a team of around 10 advocates

Application Process with contact details

I didn’t really follow any application process as such because it’s really hard for a first year law student to intern in a law firm. I was referred to by a friend.

Duration of internship and timings

25th April – 25th May, 2016

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

My first meeting with the other associates of the firm was on the second day. On the first day I had to meet one Mr. Rahul Cariappa Sir, an associate, in the High Court of Karnataka for the internship period briefing. The first office day was very interesting as the associates kept asking questions about my course and college.

Main tasks

Being a first year law student, I wasn’t given very important tasks as such. I was just given research work on the Partnership Act, in which I had to find the conditions when a partnership can be dissolved and new partners could be added to the firm. Furthermore I was asked to do some research on the Power of Attorney and if the same could be revoked unilaterally and whether one could file a Writ Petition for the same seeking cancellation of entries of cancellation of power of attorney.

I was also asked to go through the files of a client and draft a notice to the opposition. I also brought in a client to the firm who needed advice on trusts. I was made to research on the same problem and advice the client with the help of the associates. It was really an interesting experience where I learnt a lot about attorney-client meetings.

In my free times I would go through the books in the firm’s library. I would also go through the cases that the firm had represented earlier.

Work environment and people

As mentioned, the firm was relaxed about timings and every other aspect. They were really friendly and helpful and treated me like their fellow associate. They would force me to have lunch with them despite carrying my lunch from home almost everyday. One day we were all treated by Kamal Sir with his family at a posh restaurant at Cunningham Road. (Banjara Melting Pot)

Best things

My best thing about this internship was advising my client on matters of Indian Trusts Act and whether he should invest in a firm. The same made me feel like an advocate already!

Bad things

I would just say my internship had no bad things at all.



Biggest Lessons

Firstly, since the court never really functioned in the summer I learnt about the life of an advocate in the office with the client meetings and all the research and hard work that needs to be put in.

Secondly, this internship enlightened me about the fact that however hard you research the law will always come up with a loophole in your theory. One must always keep working hard to find a satisfying theory in the case that is being dealt with.

Any Other Thing

I would recommend law students to intern here as you’re guaranteed a learning experience from every associate working here.

Overall Rating



I am a resident of Bangalore.

Office Timings

Office timings were relaxed. I was asked to come in by 10 every morning and I could be there till I wanted to. There are days I left office at 3 pm and some where I left at 6 pm.


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