Internship Experience @ Kakar & Kakar Advocates, Delhi: Great place to learn, visits to Dwarka District Court

Name, College, Year

Varun Sharma, 1st Year, Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi

Name of the Organisation

Kakar & Kakar Advocates

Office address

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C-1/D, Ground Floor, Green Park Extn., New Delhi-110016

Duration of Internship

1st January- 31st January 2018.

The internship was four weeks long. I had to reach the court at 9 in the morning. In the evening, sir himself used to ask me to leave around 7:30. Only Sundays were off. I was the only intern during this time.

Application Procedure

I applied through someone who knew sir. I was called for an interview and was offered the internship. But you can apply at Sir checks his mail regularly.

First Day

My first day was quite eventful. I was asked to meet sir at Dwarka District Court. But since the Judge was absent that day, I informed sir about it in advance. He asked me to go ahead and take a date. This was my first day in a court in my entire life and I was asked to take a date and that too a specific date!

I was startled but I couldn’t have let sir know about this. I went to the concerned person and told him the case name and asked him for the next date. He gave me a different date from the one sir had asked. What was even worse was, the date given was on the day that sir specifically asked not to take. So I requested the guy to change the date. To my surprise, he agreed quite readily. The specific date that sir asked was not available but he gave me a date that was close by. Life was good again.

Main Tasks

The tasks can be divided into two areas. One is the court tasks. The other is the office tasks. You first go to the court in the morning and then you come to the office in the afternoon.

I used to reach the court by 9 in the morning. Although sir has cases in almost all district courts, Saket court was the one that I frequented the most during the internship. After reaching the court, I use to call sir to inform him about the Issue number and if the judge was coming or not. That was basically it. Sometimes, I was also required to take a pass over in case sir has some other matters listed at the same time.

I use to reach the office by 3:30 PM. This was the daily routine. In the office, I was mainly given the task of reading the case files and preparing briefs on them. I had to tell sir what I had understood from the case and even share opinion if I had any.

He duly notices your opinion and even includes it if it is useful. This was the work routine for almost 3 weeks after which sir started giving me work related to researching case laws. I think he was gauging if I will able to research as I had finished only 1 semester in college. Once I put in some good research work, file reading was less stressed on.

Work Environment

The work environment was great. You were not forced to do anything. You were duly supported and all your queries were answered. Sir himself use to explain things in the most lucid way possible. Not just sir but all the people that worked in the office were extremely helpful and humble. I was never afraid to ask any questions. I have no bad incidents throughout the month.

Bad things

I don’t think there was any bad thing. I only wished that I could have done more research work. But I understand that I had little to show for myself in the beginning. Sir had no way of knowing that I would be able to do good research work from the beginning.

Good Things

Samosa Parties. We use to have these samosa parties every now and then. There will be some instance, maybe some festival or some favourable hearing in the court. Every time some good news entered the office, so did samosas.


There was no stipend.


Reaching the office is very easy. The office is located right outside the Green Park metro station. It is barely 200 meters from the metro exit gate.

The office is fairly spacious. It is divided into two levels. One is a little underground but not properly underground. Sir himself sits in the lower level. The interns sit in the upper floor.

There are 3 more employees other than Rakesh sir. One is the steno, one is sir’s clerk and the third one is an associate.


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