Internship Experience @ Kaden Boriss Global, Gurgaon: Stipend between Rs. 2500 – 5000, Friendly and Supportive Associates

Intern Details

Name: Ishita Sharma

IV year, DSNLU.

Name of Organization

Kaden Boriss Global, Gurgaon

Duration of Internship

16th May, 2016 to 15th June, 2016

Application Process

I sent my application to [email protected]

After a telephonic interview based on my application, I received a mail confirming my internship.


10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Can be easily extended to 6 at times. You will be questioned if you are late.

First Impression, First Day Formalities, Infrastructure

After being introduced to all the associates and interns, I was shown the desk which was to be acquired daily at first come first serve basis. The interns who were late had to sit on a round table for the day. We had to carry our own laptops. Documents such as previous marksheet, ID proof and photographs were collected. Thereafter I was provided with some stationery.

The firm has a professional working environment. The infrastructure is extremely fancy with enumerable decorations from India and abroad . Everything was spic and span.

Coffee was served twice a day. Lunch hour 1:30-2:00 PM

Main Tasks

Kaden Boriss specializes in corporate law, with Mergers and Acquisitions and  Real Estate.

My work revolved around Company law provisions, SEBI Regulations, HUDA Act, Stamp duty provisions, Taxation, FDI Policy and FEMA Regulations.

Every intern is assigned a topic on their first day and is required to make a presentation on it. The same has to be presented by the intern before all the associates and the Founding Partner ( Mr. Hemant Batra) if he is available on his/her last day.

Beside this, Hemant Sir and other partners used to ask for short notes on various topics for the purpose of their assistance.

Work Environment and People

Although the firm has an extremely professional environment, the associates are approachable, friendly and supportive.

It is ensured that the interns are kept busy with quality work at all times. Deadlines are expected to be adhered to and in case of any queries; the associates are more than willing to help. Miss. Nikita was the main in charge for interns and helped a lot with all the research work by giving directions. All my research became cake walk because of her tricks and guidance .

Most of the work came from abroad or had some international connections therefore the research work allotted was really challenging and mind boggling at times. Personally HUDA Regulations troubled me a lot. Although we were never pressurized for anything but by the end of the day one gets mentally drained.

They care about timings.

Best Things

Two hours long personal interactive session with Mr. Batra where he shared all the experiences of his life as well as the profession and motivated me to learn from his experiences and mistakes. The life lessons given by him were priceless and are engraved in my memory for lifetime.

Mr. Batra was concerned about the interns and was approachable. This is seen very less than often at other big firms.

The weekly presentations conducted by the  interns are engaging and informative. Interns are grilled properly during the presentations by the partners so one has to be well prepared before presenting

Enlightening experience. Learnt life lessons beyond law.

Bad Things

There was some issue with the toilet and so it smelled bad. Nevertheless, it was taken care of.

No good places to eat closeby except one mall.


INR 2500 – 5000/-

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