Internship Experience @ K Datta and Associates, New Delhi: Draft Legal Notices, Prepare Briefs, Court Visits

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Ayush Yesudas, Lloyd Law College, 3rd Year

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

K Datta and Associates, New Delhi

Application Process with contact details

Contact directly.

B-4/66, lower ground floor, Safdurjung Enclave, New Delhi – 110029

Duration of internship and timings

July – August 2016

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

First impression was awesome got my own desk with desktop. Welcomed me with tea.

Office was spacious. All people were busy with there own work.

Main tasks

Mainly related to research, drafting and pleadings of deeds and legal notices, preparing briefs and abstracts.

Work environment and people

Atmosphere was good with all book shelf were filled.

Beautiful paintings on walla, air-conditioned, personal desktop with internet connection.

People and the advocates working there were very helpful. Have a friendly nature.

Best things

There were many best things

1. Explained everything patiently

2. Learned a lot of new techniques and methods

3. Used to give lavish of time to complete a work as in no stress or hecticness

4. Gave a chance to hear a case in supreme court

Bad things

No bad thing as such, but there was transport problem I had to manage to go high court and supreme court then back to office which was not that close by.


No stipend

Biggest Lessons

Biggest lesson was seeing advocates working late till 10 – 11 pm or maybe more. And even working in Sundays for Monday’s matter. Basically to do hard work that was the biggest lesson I learned.

Any Other Thing

Got to learn a lot about practical work in legal sector.

Overall Rating



I used to go directly from house.

Office Timings

It used to start from 10 am and ends according to the work. Sometimes 4 pm sometimes 7 pm.

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