Internship Experience @ K & S Partners, Bengaluru: Got the opportunity to enhance my research skills

Intern Details


Name of the Organisation, Location (city), Team Strength

K & S Partners, B A 4121, 6th Cross Road, HAL 2nd Stage, Raja Ram Mohanroy Extension, Kodihalli, Bengaluru

Application Process

You can apply through their website. If selected, you will receive a reply from the HR within a couple of weeks.

Duration, Timings

1st March – 8th April, 2016. Interns must report at the office latest by 10 a.m.

It is compulsory to spend 8.5 hours every day in the office but you are encouraged to not stay back any longer than that.

First Impression, First Day Formalities, Infrastructure

On the first day I was introduced to the staff and Mr. Lingaraj Managuli from HR briefed me about the instructions to be followed in the duration of internship.

Since it is an IPR firm, they are careful about matters of cyber security hence the interns are not allowed to bring their laptops or any storage devices. The interns also do not have access to Wi-Fi on their phones. There are two PCs with internet connection for interns which shall be used for all the work given in the duration of your internship.

They have a policy to keep two interns at a time hence, one can be assured of no crowding over the PCs.

You will be allotted a mentor who will assign you most of the work during the internship and review your performance at the end.

Main Tasks

I was assisting in Patents hence my work mostly comprised of legal research, finding case laws, proofreading documents, making legal briefs etc. A science background helps those interested in learning Patents practice.

I got an opportunity to enhance my research skills, especially by the use of IPR specific databases. The firm gives access to a portal which can be accessed through the intern code provided to keep a record of the work allotted.

Every week an associate or intern makes a presentation discussing an analysis or insight on a specific topic which is an informative practice.

Work Environment, People

Work environment is professional, associates and office staff are accommodating and helpful. Mentors appreciate good work and will also explain and clarify any doubts patiently.

One can get opportunity to interact with associates over lunch at the everyday go-to eatery SrinidhiSagar nearby the office.

Best Things

Learning about the practice of IPR, welcoming associates and staff, organized work environment.

Unlimited tea/coffee/green tea which one can get from the CCD coffee machine.



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