Internship Experience @ Justice Vrinda Kumari, Additional District and Sessions Judge, New Delhi: I Earned a Mentor

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Vanika Gupta

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Justice Vrinda Kumari, Additional District and Sessions Judge, Patiala House Courts, New Delhi.

Application Process

One needs to move an application to the District Judge stating the willingness to intern under a judge along with the duration. He then assigns you to a court. However, if one has a preference of a judge, he may assign you to his/her court.

Duration of internship and timings

July 2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

Justice Vrinda is currently ADJ – 3 and her court room is 11 in the court. There were no first day formalities. She met me in her chamber after hearing the matters in the morning and explained me everything.

Main tasks

Justice Vrinda mainly hears trademark matters, arbitration matters, civil and contract matters, and family disputes relating to partition.

My main task was to observe the case proceedings and the decisions given by her in those matters. She would later discuss with me why she gave a particular decision in a matter, why she framed the the order in a particular manner along with her choice of words in it, how the law was applied in that matter and in what alternate ways it can be applied in, etc.

She took a lot of pains and guided me through each and every action of her, which was a first for me as judges do not usually take such pains.

Work environment and people

Her staff was really friendly and I spent most of my time with them only. They guided me through all the basic procedures of court like how the filing is done, what the task of each staff member was, etc. which really helped me a lot in understanding the basics of case proceedings from scratch.

By the end of my internship, I developed a really good bond with all the staff members and I was overwhelmed with their love and good wishes for my future.

Best things

I earned a mentor in Justice Vrinda as she gave me so many tips for law as a career, cracking judiciary and for life in general. Her guidance throughout my internship made it one of the most fruitful experiences I have had, which fulfilled my main purpose of interning in the lower courts.

Bad things

The only bad thing about the internship was that I did not have much work to do. I did not have to research on topics, except once or twice, because whatever doubts she had in cases, she asked the advocates to clear them out for her. Observing the court proceedings everyday got boring by the end of it.



Biggest Lessons

I got to see the life as a judge from up close, and interning with a judge after interning only with advocates made see both sides of the system much more clearly. I am clearer about where I want to be headed in the future now.

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