Internship Experience @ Justice Pradeep Mohanty, Orissa High Court: Attend Court Proceedings, Observe and Learn

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Justice Pradeep Mohanty, Hon’ble the Acting Chief Justice of Orissa High Court, Cuttack. Team Strength 1 – 10 students at a time. Our team strength was three.

Application Process with contact details

Application process is very simple but very formal in nature.

First of all I wrote an application duly signed and stamped by the Head of the College, addressing the Special Officer Administration Department of Orissa High Court, stating our intention for doing internship under Hon’ble Acting Chief Justice of Orissa High Court, along with the period of internship.

In most of the cases, they providing 15 days of period of internship. And then submitted the Application either by hand or by post.

We submitted our application by hand. Basically, there is no specific month has been prescribed by the Orissa High for doing internship under it.

So anyone can do internship under it at any time, provided that you must follow formal procedure and apply for the same at earliest opportunity because when the vacation period of Orissa High Court started then at that point of time it would be difficult for them to provide you the best internship training because most of the Judges goes on vacation.

After one week, they sent a letter to our College, stating the entire details of our internship, i.e., the date from which we started our internship, the period of internship and the time, at which we should report to the Court.

Duration of internship and timings

16th April, 2015 to 30th April, 2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The first day experience was unforgettable memory as on the first day we were directed to report first to the Special Officer Administration, Shri A K Chandan. He then directed us to meet the Personal Secretary of the Hon’ble Chief Justice of Orissa High Court.

After all the formalities done by him, then only he gave permission and allowed us to seat in the Chief Justice Court room. The infrastructure was very good and comfortable as the entire Court was centralized air-conditioned and well neat and cleaned.

Main tasks

To observe the entire court proceedings and decorum as well as to critically study the cases which goes on hearing in the Chief Justice Court room.

We were also directed to observe the manner in which the lawyers present their respective submission in each and every case which took up before the Hon’ble Acting Chief Justice, for adjudication of the matter.

We exposed ourselves to the actual judicial arena of this legal world in which we studied and analyzed that how the matters relating to substantial question of law, being placed before a higher court.

How the lawyers present their arguments and what relevant question had been asked to them by the hon’ble judges.

Work environment and people

Office environment was very professional in nature.

The staff of the Court were very friendly and cooperative.

They helped us to acquaint with the court procedure as well as court decorum.

Best things

Listening some beautiful arguments given by few renowned lawyers was the best part in my internship.

Bad things

No bad things.


No stipend.

Biggest Lessons

Court is place where number of cases has been filed in each and every day. In spite of such hectic schedule, the Judges, the lawyers as well as the staff of the court, everybody tried their level best to uphold the dignity and independence of the Judiciary, by performing professional code of conduct.

This is the biggest lesson which I learnt from my internship experience that at any point of time we should not leave our professional code of conduct.

Overall Rating



They don’t provide any accommodation facility to the interns. As my home town is Cuttack, so I stayed at my home so I daily do the up and down procedure.

Office Timings

As many students from different law colleges were doing internship at the same time. So they divided internship timing into two shifts. We got the second shift ie., from 1:30 – 5:00 PM.


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