Internship Experience @ Jurious Consultants, Bhopal: Research on Consumer Protections Act, Partnership Act and Stamp Act

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Jurious Consultants, Bhopal

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I have came to know about this firm from my collage. I went there for an interview.It is firm that it is in Bhopal.

Duration of internship and timings

I have done my internship form 20th May, 2015 to 20th June, 2015.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

First day of the internship was very good. There was no as such formalities. First day was the introduction day. Mr Anurag Srivastva as he is the managing director of the firm took our introduction.

Main tasks

Involved extensive research on the cases pertaining to several aspects of Consumer Protection Act, The Indian Partnership Act 1932 and The Stamp Act, 1765.

Learned how to file a reply for a agreement of rent.

Drafted legal opinion to be giving to the clients.

Work environment and people

The environment was very friendly and people were very much supportive and very much advisory .The people were very much good .

Best things

The best thing was that I learned very much from sir as this was my first internship so I was very much excited. I really enjoyed a lot and I made new friends.

Bad things

No bad things



Biggest Lessons

Biggest lesson I never take law very lightly otherwise law will take us lightly.

Any Other Thing

The experience was very much good.

Overall Rating



I am localite. But there are many hostels that are there in MP Nagar because that is the main area Bhopal. The office is also in the MP Nagar.

Office Timings

The office timing was from 11 am to 4 pm. The timing was strict.

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