Internship @ Judicial Training and Research Institute, Lucknow: Disciplined Environment, Excellent Library, No Stipend

Name, organisation, year of study

Shalini Singh, Amity University, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, Third year

Name of the organisation, city

Judicial Training and Research Institute (J.T.R.I.), Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

Duration of internship

From 16th May to 30th May

Application procedure

This organisation takes student from third year and the application procedure is quite simple wherein you send your CV to email- [email protected] and they will call you.

Duration In Weeks. No. Of Days/Weeks. Timing

No. of weeks – 2

No. of days in weeks- 15 days

Timing-10:00 am – 1:00pm

Saturday and Sunday were off. We were expected to reach by 10 am and were allowed to leave at 1 pm. If the work gets done before time then interns were allowed to leave early.


I live in Lucknow so accommodation was not a problem and thus I do not know of details about any nearby P.G.

First impression. First day, formalities

As it is well said that “first impression is the last impression” and they proved it to be the best for me as I was very excited to intern at such a great organization.

Firstly, after entering in the campus, I saw a huge building which was surrounded by greenery and the ambassadors which had red beacons …..after seeing those red beacons I got to know the pride of this profession. The judicial officers were having the respectful luxurious life and they had their respective cabins!

On first day, me and my two friends firstly did some formalities i.e. filling of form. We filled our personal details i.e. name, college etc. including the name of our internship guide and the topic allotted by him. We were also told about our everyday schedule for the internship programme.

Main tasks-

Mr. Rajeev Bharti, HJS, who was my internship guide, had given some topics to choose; I had chosen “Case Study on Dowry Death”. As there is no such tuff tasks given by sir, only the cases should be recent from 2012-2014 and should be of Supreme Court!

Work environment and people

Work environment is very disclipned. People are there to always help you out, if you are stuck somewhere. But they maintain a very professional relationship with the interns.

Good things

I have learnt the basic things from the officers, which would help me in fulfilling my dream and also an excellent library facility, having helpful staff who is always ready to help you.

Bad things

Here, I felt that along with my research I had wasted my time also, as sometimes me and my friends had to wait for long hours for sir for certain discussion. Sometimes we were unable to meet him…As research work had been allotted to us, so instead of wasting our time and report daily, we could also do it in our home.


No stipend… 🙁

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