Internship Experience @ Judge, District Court, Ernakulam: Understand the Court Proceedings

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Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Judge, District Court, Ernakulam, team of 1

Application Process with contact details

I got in through the recommendation of one of my relative.

Duration of internship and timings

June to July, 2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

I went the the judge’s chamber first. I wasn’t allowed inside initially. But once I told the name of my relative I was allowed inside.

The judge instructed me to sit through the hearings and told me it would be very difficult for me to comprehend as I was only in first year. I went into the court and it was really crowded. I had to wait for a really long time until I got a seat to sit. After that I sat through all the hearings.

Main tasks

The main task was to understand the court proceedings. Since I was new to the court I couldn’t understand much. I tried to follow the cases as much as I could but I found it very difficult.

Work environment and people

The work environment was very relaxed. I could leave after the first session and the judge in charge expected nothing more than me than to be disciplined in the court.

The chamber and court staff and the advocates that frequented the court ended up being like companions to me.

Best things

Best thing about this internship would be the relaxed time I enjoyed which was actually due to personal reasons.

The environment was very relaxed and I could get acquainted with many good lawyers.

Bad things

Bad thing would be the fact that I didn’t have much guidance and hence I found it try difficult to cope up with everything and understand everything.

The whole thing was too relaxed for me that I didn’t feel motivated to do much.



Biggest Lessons

The biggest lesson I learned would be what the judge told me about people who get into judiciary services right after the course.

He pointed out the fact that the quality of judgments are deteriorating due to the lack of practical experience that they have. But also explained how it was one of the most stable job that a law graduate could hold and explained all the incentives and privileges to me.

Overall Rating



I stayed at my relatives’ place.

Office Timings

I had a very relaxed office timing due to personal reasons. So I needed to sit only for the morning session.


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