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Internship Experience @ Jha and Jha Associates, New Delhi: Learned A Lot About How to Present Facts in Court

By: User Submitted | December 9, 2016
Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Saurabh Harjani, Galgotias University, School of Law, 3rd Year

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Jha and Jha Associates, Patiala House Court, New Delhi

Application Process with contact details

Please send your cv to following mail-in [email protected]

Duration of internship and timings

July 2016

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

Should be in official formal black and white dress. Interns have to report on the given time. Nothing more, you will be given work after that.

Main tasks

The main task was assisting the lawyers in court proceedings. We had to arrange all the necessary documents for the proceedings. We also had task of researching and drafting legal notices. I also learned how to draft a predictive office memo.

Other task included reading fir copies and making a summary of the same.

Work environment and people

The work environment was very good. There were no issues regarding bad behaviour and all other things. The lawyers very helpful and always ready to help whenever they had time.

This made the internship a really memorable one as it felt really and comfortable and enjoyable.

Best things

The court campus itself was the best thing as Patiala House District Court is a vip court so we saw a lot of celebrities. The library was just awesome and it was great experience of research. There was also a great canteen with great food. I also learned a lot about primary stage of trial in a legal suit.

Bad things

There were two strikes during my tenure which was not such a great experience. Sometimes we had to sit idol in the office as there was not too much of work to do.


No stipend

Biggest Lessons

Learned a lot about how to present facts in a court. Came to know the process of examination that is examination in chief, cross examination, and re examination.

I also learned a lot of about the formation of legal documents like will etc. This internship experience was very helpful in learning the basic level of Indian Legal System.

Any Other Thing

Internship in a District court is very necessary to learn the basic level of indian judiciary system.

I know much about the application of our laws now after this internship.

Overall Rating



I had local accommodation as I live in Delhi only.

Office Timings

Court timings basically 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

The timings were relaxed if any important work was there. The timings were also relaxed depending on the work load.

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