Internship @ Janvikas, NGO, Ahmedabad : Great Work Environment, Passionate People

Name. College. Year of Study

Sriraman Jha, National University of Juridical Sciences, Calcutta, Second Year

Publish anonymously?

Why, of course not.

Name of the organization. City

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Janvikas, Ahmedabad |

Duration of the internship

Four weeks

How big was the office? Team strength?

The team was 40-strong, give or take. The office was big enough to comfortably hold everyone, plus us (the interns).

Application procedure. Internship contact details

If you find my experience amusing enough, you may contact Mr. Vijay Parmar(who became the CEO of the organization long before Djokovic won his first grand slam, and still is) on either (which is what I did and got a prompt reply) or 079-26856685.

Duration in weeks. No. of days/week. Timings

To reiterate, 4 weeks.5 days/week. 10 AM to 5 PM.

Accommodation: how, where, how was it?

I think that the accommodation at my house was decently comfortable. As you probably won’t have the same luxury, you will have to arrange it yourself. The fact that the office is in the heart of town is not without its pros and cons.

First impression. First day, formalities etc.

The impression created on Day 1 was one of a relaxed environment with helpful people around – two features which, as it turned out, weren’t too far away from the truth. A basic code of conduct was expected to be followed – but there weren’t too many other regulations to be kept in check.

Main tasks (in detail)

My focus area was the Right To Education Act, 2009. You would be free to choose yours. I was to begin with an analysis of the legislation, followed by a scrutiny of the Gujarat Government Gazette regarding the same.

To further my understanding, I was given a chance to visit schools – a process wherein Janvikas served as the intermediary. As an add-on, I was a crucial part of a team that organized a two-day seminar to familiarize children from four rural areas to the provisions of the legislation, its impact on and their importance to them.

Finally, I got the chance to discuss the ground reality in a meeting with local representatives (who were mostly concerned parents) from different parts of the city.

All of this was to be summarized in a PowerPoint presentation on the final day.

janvikas internship, ahmedabad ngo

Work environment, people

Stress-free! In one word, this is how the work environment was, much like how I would have liked it to be. The people: not so much, as they were truly, madly, deeply involved in what they were doing.

Best things

I was allowed to choose the topic I wished to work on.

I was spoiled for choice even if I fixated on something they were working on – because of the sheer diversity of the organizational work being carried out.

Bad things? 

Although the flexibility and freedom given was appreciable, it wasn’t without a flipside. I am no workaholic (replace the prefix and you may have a different answer, of course!), and yet, I felt that there wasn’t enough work on my hands.

Even when there was, there was nobody around to ensure that I did not take incredulous amounts of time to complete them (which I did). Between reading the answers to that seemingly interesting question on Quora and a boring report on a painstakingly detailed analysis of the implementation of the Act in Gujarat, what would you choose?

Well, you see, I am no different. (Like this dude called Rushdie said, “This may be the curse of the human race, not that we are so different from one another, but that we are so alike.”)

What did you do to chill? Co-interns, colleagues

One of my closest friends happened to be a co-intern. By no coincidence or stroke of luck, of course. Being a happening area of the city, there are quite a few places to hang around, if roaming around on a hot summer’s day in May is your cup of tea.

Stipend/ month

Memories of good people and good experiences which was well worth its weight in gold.

And I wouldn’t have stood a chance to win this competition if not for the internship, right? (Okay, okay, maybe I still don’t do. Shut up now.)

As you might have guessed (depending on the might of your brain), I stayed the way I was earlier even after the internship – penniless.

Anything else you’d like to tell

Intern only if you would like to have a moderate amount of work. Knowledge of the Gujarati language would be advantageous.

Centre For Social Justice, a sister organization of Janvikas and one of the more prominent NGOs in the city, is located in the same building.”

Biggest lessons

I made of my internship what I wanted. Yes, there were others to support me, guide me even, but ultimately, it zeroed down of my thoughts and actions. The same goes for life, don’t you think? Eureka! The internship was the trailer of life as I know it.

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