Internship Experience @ Jaggi Jaggi & Jaggi, New Delhi: Learn the intricacies of the drafting and advocacy skills

Intern Details

Nitesh Bhandari, Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad, 3rd Year

Internship Organization

Jaggi Jaggi & Jaggi, New Delhi

Address- 312, Lawyers Chambers, New Delhi High Court, Shershah Road,  New Delhi High Court

Application Procedure

You can simply send your CV at [email protected]

After sending CV, Follow up is required. You can call Mr. Navin Kumar Jaggi at 9811151198. Keep in mind that a significant number of applications already under consideration and pending.


The office is situated in the New Delhi High Court premises and accommodation anywhere near Khan Market, Jangpura , Pragati Maidan, Mandi House Metro station, will be good.

First Day Formalities

Never forget that you only have one opportunity to make first impression.  The way you conduct your self is the key to first impression. Mr Navin Kumar Jaggi is modest  and humble and treat interns at par with the associates.

He does not differentiate between an associate and an intern. The first day formalities are not so comprehensive. You need to carry your Id card and  a letter from your university.

After entering into chamber, you first need to find out your CV from the a huge compilation of hard copies of CV and application. Mr Navin kumar Jaggi will ask you some question according to your CV.

Keep in mind that he is very particular about English. After the formal introduction, you need to take print outs of your research paper/ article/ essay/ and any other work, published. You need to show the same to Jaggi sir.

The introduction may last for half an hour. After the completion of formal introduction, Jaggi sir will show you the important and particular things which you shall keep in mind throughout your internship.


The infrastructure of the Chamber is remarkable. All the things are organized in certain manner for easy access. Mr Navin Kumar Jaggi is perfectionist and he is very particular about each and every aspect of the profession. Even single minor mistake can annoy sir, but sir will tell you the reason behind the same.

The reason is going to benefit you in your practice. During your internship, you have access to a large chunk of valuable and edifying resources.

Official Timing

The official timing is 10 AM to 5 PM. Saturday and Sunday is off. Mr Navin Kumar Jaggi is not rigid about the timing but punctuality is recommended. You are free to take leave from the office if you have an reasonable ground for the same.

The office time is flexible according to the work pending. There is plenty of work which is required to be done in office. someone who wants to master the art of drafting, shall not miss this golden opportunity.

You will be amazed to see the skills and draftsmanship of Jaggi sir. Drafting work of Jaggi sir, reflects the quality, excellence, eminence of the work done by Jaggi sir.


Sir is Master of Drafting and can teach you the intricacies, and niceties of the drafting. Working with Jaggi sir, will let you know how to play with the words according to your will and wish. His humbleness, humility and modesty, will inspire and motivate you to achieve the peak of success.

The way he teach you and make you learn the drafting is unique. He is very particular about the English and will not tolerate mistakes.

During your internship, you will be required to draft certain legal documents, research upon legal issues, replies to the clients and manage the office. Internship under the able guidance of Mr Navin Kumar Jaggi will provide you with the expertise in the drafting, perfection in the legal field, and punctuality in the profession.

The work environment is perfect and remarkable for an intern. You will be provided with the each and every essential amenity so as to facilitate smooth internship. The people who work in office are of very good nature and help you out in every work.

Best Thing

The best thing about the internship under Mr Navin Kumar Jaggi is, you can master the art of drafting.


The internship certificate is worth more than stipend. You will get many surprises as you will proceed with the internship. The internship is excellent and a good opportunity for the people who want to learn the intricacies of the Drafting and advocacy skills.

Biggest Lesson

The biggest lesson which I learnt by this internship is “Perfection is the key to success.” Drafting is the inherent, integral, and the important part of the legal profession and mastering the art of draftsmanship lead you to the door of success.

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