Internship Experience @ Jaggi Jaggi & Jaggi, Attorneys At Law, New Delhi: Learnt Drafting Skills, Learn About Litigation

Intern Details

Mayank Pachauri, 4th year, Sinhgad Law College, University of Pune

Name of the Organization

Jaggi Jaggi & Jaggi, New Delhi

Address: 312, Lawyers’ Chambers, Sher Shah Road, Delhi High Court, New Delhi-110003

Application Procedure

Applicants can send their CV with the cover letter to the given E-mail Address: [email protected]

Your Period of Internship is required with specific date, in which you would like to Intern.

Duration of the Internship

4 Weeks

7th November – 2nd December, 2016


The Office is located in the premises of Delhi High Court and you can enter from Gate No. 5 or 7 of the Delhi High Court. Nearest Metro station for accommodation are Pragati Maidan, Khan Market, Mandi House.

First Impression & First Day Formalities

The first day started with Mr. Navin Kumar Jaggi Sir introducing with the other interns in the office.

The place was well equipped and provides all the necessary facilities for the interns.

First day formalities were limited. You need to carry your ID Card & a letter from your University/College.

When you enter into Chamber, firstly you have to find out your CV from the bundles of the Hard Copies of CV.

Mr. Jaggi Sir will ask you some questions according to your CV, because of it we had a few minutes discussion over the word “Pursis”.

Best Things

The best thing was the variety of work the firm overtakes.

They deal with almost everything in civil procedure, both at domestic and international level.

One of my best moments was a detailed talk with Mr. Jaggi, where he was explaining me about the Legal Profession and the Ethics to be followed as a Lawyer.

In spite of his busy schedule he has his own time for the Interns, where he absolutely motivates you and makes you realize your potential, which I have doubt that any other Lawyer would do.

Another best thing was the elections of the Delhi High Court Bar Association.

Work Environment

The Work environment is pretty relaxed.

As an intern we were given proper responsibilities and working on those transactions was indeed the best part.

The work never gets monotonous for the reason being that every new assignment is in itself a new challenge.

Official Timing

The Official timing is 10 am to 5 pm. Saturday & Sunday is off.


I learnt a lot about the work in the litigation, something which you aren’t taught in most of the places.

I learnt the Legal Drafting skills and various approaches to each case.

This internship was very fruitful as I learnt how to draft various documents which are the essential part of Law education.

I’m very grateful to Mr. Navin Kumar Jaggi Sir, who guided me throughout my whole Internship period.


No stipend, your learning here pays off.

Biggest Lesson

If you learn Self-control, you can master anything, that is the skill which I have learnt from Mr. Jaggi Sir.

I would recommend students who want to learn the Drafting Sills to definitely Intern in Jaggi Jaggi & Jaggi, this is a great place to start your learning.

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