Internship Experience @ Iyer & Iyer Associates, Kochi: Learnt to File Suits, Lots of Practical Knowledge

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Iyer & Iyer Associates, Rajaji Road, Kochi, Kerala

Application Process with contact details

Applying for an Internship at this firm is easy. All you got to do is send them your CV, with a bonafide certificate and your internship request at The Office, Iyer & Iyer Associates, Rajaji Road, Ernakulam – 682035, Kerala.

They pretty much accept most of the Internship requests and also notify you via a phone call regarding other details such as the duration of the internship, areas of law, etc.

Duration of internship and timings

4th to 27th May, 2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The office building is a 4 storey building located a few hundred metres away from MG Road, Kochin (the shopping district of the City) and Central Square Mall. It extremely close to the idea of regular old-school Law Firm, huge towering racks with a million case files, constant noise of words being clicked on the keyboard, a creaky fan and the usuals. Only the chief associate’s office is as rich as the one you see in movies, decorated with a lot of wood and and an expansive book collection.

As it was my first internship, they officers were quite patient with me and eased me through the transition. On the very first day itself, i was sent with a junior advocate to the court who asked me to find up a few things from the internet on my phone.

Main tasks

Each of the interns were put in with various junior advocates over the course of the internship who were the ones with the responsibility of allotting us with work. The advocate I was with, gave me a ton to research everyday, even topics and subjects I had not covered in college. All this was extremely hard for me to comprehend and I often felt concentrating was hard.

Free Wi-Fi and Google (Thank God for Larry Page), meant that I scraped through the rapid fire questionnaire at the end of each day.

Eventually, I learnt on how a suit and a criminal and civil appeals should be filed. More about their format. The method of reading judgments. Quick reading of case files.

Work environment and people

Work Environment was quite dull along with summer and lack of air conditioning didn’t help much either. All the officers were always busy in their own sphere, which made it hard for me to establish any valuable contacts. The fellow interns had lenient junior advocates which saw them bunking during the office hours and watching hundreds of movies at the mall, which made me quite jealous at that moment.

The only thing that kept me going throughout the duration of the internship was the various cars the senior associates drove into the parking lot with. Which truly motivated to make my mark as lawyer in the future, so that I could drive to office with a sports coupe someday.

Best things

Best of things, would certainly be the Wi-Fi and the practical knowledge I learnt throughout the whole internship period. Most of these were not something I would learn in college. For Example, the day I learnt how to draft a plaint was truly enriching, because that was not something I would learn till my 6th Semester at college.

Bad things

I wish I could have gained more from this Internship, most of the associates made it to appoint that they were doing great without the aid from interns. It was probably because they felt the quality of work from interns were not upto the mark. Moreover, its quite unfair to expect miracles from an intern unless you walk him/her through the procedure.



Biggest Lessons

The Biggest Lessons for me came out of some advice the senior associate gave me personally, after he saw me working extra hours on a certain day. He told me, Patience is the key in the field of law. To strike gold, one must keep working and a day will come when you feel no success and want to give up on life and on that is the day you should start working harder than ever, because hard work pays the sweetest.

Overall Rating



I stayed with my Uncle whose house was just a few kilometers from the firm. It is relatively easy to find accommodation at Kochi. One can chose from various lodges, hostels and PGs that vary in price range. Finding accommodation in Kochi will not be a hard task for an adult.

Office Timings

9 am to 5 pm with plenty of tea breaks and other leisure breaks, provided you complete the work allotted to you by 5 pm.

Disclaimer: Internship experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus official views on the internship.

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