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Internship @ ITC Ltd, Bangalore: Relaxed Environment, Interesting Work

itc internship
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Name of Organisation; Duration

I interned at ITC Limited in the month of June, for a period of 4 weeks.

Application Process

The ITC internship was procured by me through a personal contact, however, applicants can apply by sending an email to the HR Office in Kolkata as well.

Timings of Work

The work timings in ITC were from 9-5. The latest I stayed back was 6pm. The atmosphere here was more relaxed and laidback. No one seemed in a hurry as there was no impending court case or strict deadlines to adhere to.

Team Strength

The law department in Bangalore comprises of 6 lawyers and I was assigned to work under the senior-most there. I was given a separate room to sit in and was told to report directly to her.

Main Tasks

The work ranged from simple corporate research, to the more interesting aspects of Food Packaging and Food Adultery (since the Foods Headquarters is located in Bangalore). Occasionally, I was also given some research work related to the IT Sector as well.

Every day I would report to the Associate in the morning and she would give me a list of tasks to do for the day. I was expected to complete them on that day itself and was free to leave on doing so.

Occasionally the work would carry on to the next day but this was a rare instance. I was never given any work by the other in house counsels present, but became friendly with them because we occasionally took our lunch breaks together.

Best Things

One of the most interesting tasks was when she gave me 5 differently packaged ITC Food commodities and told me to study the packaging, read the packaging requirements in India and the ones in Europe and then determine if there would be any need to change the packaging if the products were to be released in Europe.

I greatly enjoyed the work related to the Foods Department because it involved walks to Foods, and Interaction with the Manager there.

I was also given some amount of work related to arbitration which  I found very interesting because it was my first exposure to the subject. The Senior there was very helpful and I felt comfortable approaching her whenever I had any doubts pertaining to the assigned work.

I found the internship to be a nice calming change from the others I had done.

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  2. Hello I am a law student in 3rd Year and I’m willing to do internship in the month of June or July, 2017. Please share information regarding where and how to apply for the same.

  3. Hey, Can you please post the Calcutta id or the number of the ITC bangalore legal department

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