Internship Experience @ IndusLaw, Bangalore: Stipend of Rs. 3000; I have never felt more like a lawyer!

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I opted for an Induslaw Internship in my 5th semester (3rd Year) in Law School and this was hands down one of the best internships I have done.

I applied by sending my CV to the contact listed on the website and received a response within a week. You’ll find all the details you need here.

Though I initially intended to intern at the Corporate Department, since there were no vacancies I opted for Litigation.

My first day was generic- went to office, got internet access, was made to sign a confidentiality agreement, and was notified of the rules. The work began on the second day.

The IndusLaw office was fairly large, with 4 partners and around 24 lawyers in the litigation department itself. There was no dearth of work to be done and I barely had a minute to breathe. Our mornings were spent in court- and afternoons and evenings in research.

I visited the City Civil Court, High Court, Mayo Hall and also got the opportunity to attend proceedings at the Electricity Tribunal. (To my surprise the Tribunal was an air conditioned room in a building, I had always imagined them differently.)

Apart from the work we were also given a project topic on which research had to be done throughout the internship duration and a presentation made, at the end of our internship.

The topic given to me was “An Analysis of the 246th Report on Amendments to the Arbitration Act” and to consolidate that report and present it in a mere 20 slides was quite a task.

At IndusLaw I got the chance to work directly for the Partner. He was working on a case under the Trusts Act and I was involved in research regarding the same. Hence, I got the exciting opportunity to interact with him on a  daily basis and also visited court with him to watch him plead.

Apart from this, I was also made to read case files and draft the petitioners’ arguments. Even though I had never done something like this before and was afraid to take it up as I was sure I would be unable, though the amount of faith that the associates placed in me was indescribable.

They made me feel like I could do it and explained exactly what was to be done, and succeed I did. I have never felt more like a lawyer than I did in this internship with IndusLaw!

I also found my research under the Electricity Act fascinating because it was such an unconventional thing to work on, having never been taught in law schools.

The internship ended with me having to give a presentation on the Law Commission Report. The same was done in the Conference Room with all the associates seated at a table around you, grilling you. It was scarier than pleadings in a moot!

This internship with IndusLaw just opened a new field of possibilities. It gave me my first court visit, my first tribunal visit, my first drafting experience, my first “conference room briefing” and my first paycheck- a stipend of Rs 3000.

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