Internship Experience @ Indian Law Institute, New Delhi: Wide Range of Books, Learn Research Work

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Indian Law Institute, New Delhi

Application Process with contact details

I applied through my contacts, but can go and apply on their own. Application process is not complicated as we either intern under a professor or we at the library. So simply writing an email or contacting teachers will do. One can also go there directly and apply for the internship. But such intention to intern there should be indicated sufficient time before.

Duration of internship and timings

July 1, 2015 – July 30, 2015.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

ILI has a wonderful infrastructure along with best facilities. I interned under a professor so I had to report directly there. No such formalities were there except registering your name in attendance register. Computer lab were I used to sit and work had peaceful atmosphere along with all the books.

Faculty is very helpful and will guide you in best possible ways. Library of ILI has variety and ranges of books with best of alternatives asking your research work more efficient and easier. Their library has two floors with journal,books, magazines, articles widest collections.

Main tasks

ILI is known for research work. I learned intensive research work, accessing various legal sites, note making, brief making, case analysis, report readings, proof readings and editing. They allowed me with cases,where I did case analysis and brief making. Main task was research work were we used computer labs along with the library in order to complete the task given to us.

Computer had access to manupatra,scc online, lexisnexis, ikanoon, jstor, bookfinder etc. and many more sites. Research work became easy with all these accesses. I learned legal drafting too.

Work environment and people

Work environment was very positive. Research scholars were also there. In case of any help, professors and other faculty was nice to us. Proper guidelines and explanation was given to us before allowting us work. The professor with whom I interned helped me to learn a lot of research and analysis work. I was taught how to write a research paper and do edditing. One can easily proactively to the faculty in any case of problem. They had an amazing canteen with delicious food and the staff too was corparative.

Best things

The lab had access to all legal sites. ILI’s library was the best part. We had access to all the best of books and journals. Library is the plus point of interning there. The books which are not easily available outside are easily accessible here. Wide range and variety of books, which makes your read each work easy and fruitful.

Commuting to ILI is another plus point. We had our lunch from 1 to 2, when we can go to the canteen and have food. It is located near to High Court and In front of Sumpreme Court which was the best part according to me.

Bad things

There was no such bad thing about the is recommended to intern here in either first or second year.


No stipend.

Biggest Lessons

Learned a lot about how to research and accessing various law sites. How to go about journals and AIRs. It was doctrinal as well as non doctrinal research work which I learned. I learned how to write a good research paper, this place has taught me good research skills which I never knew prior coming to this place. This is the best place to intern once so as to improve ones research and writing skills.

Any Other Thing

One should intern at ILI, will be helpful to great extent.

Overall Rating



I put up in South Delhi therefore no accommodation was required. It hardly took 30 minutes by metro,from there it was hardly 5-7 minutes auto ride. ILI dose not provides accommodation but one can opt for paying guests in nearby areas. Commuting to ILI was really easy.

Office Timings

Official timing was from 10.30 am to 4 pm. No, the timings were not that strict rather are relaxed . One could leave early on request. We are supposed to be in formal or semi formal and are expected to reach to work on time. Office timings are relaxed, where one can leave early on request. Taking an off was not an issue.


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