Internship Experience @ IndiaLaw, Mumbai: A small firm with lots of work [Litigation and Arbitration]

Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

IndiaLaw, Fort (Mumbai), 7.

Application Process

A mere e-mail application is sufficient for the purpose.

Such e-mails can be sent to or

Tel: 022- 22817046

Duration of internship and timings

6th November 2013 to 6th December 2013

Timings: 9:30 AM to 7:30 PM

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

I was interning at their head office which is in the Fort area in Mumbai. Although it was a very compact office with very little space to move around, it was well managed in the sense that you could ask any of the office boys to get you a file (or a coffee) and you would get it within a minute or two.

After sitting idle for about an hour, one of the advocates finally gave me a pile of files to read and understand as it was one of those matters coming up in a few days. There were no actual formal instances apart from a slight introduction to the advocates.

Main tasks

IndiaLaw being a litigation firm, I was confronted with all sorts of matters starting from Criminal Law to Banking & Insurance Laws. Relating to these matters, I was mostly given the task of drafting plaints, which was to be done with reference to the previous existing plaints of such sort.

Apart from that, I also visited the Bombay High Court a few times to witness proceedings of the matters I was handling.

Along with these, one of the most interesting subjects that I learned was the law relating to arbitration and also happened to attend four arbitration proceedings (and got my name on record!) and thus accrued myself with the procedure of the same.

Work environment and people

The firm being small in size has a very friendly work environment. You can hear the people sitting next to you cracking jokes with each other, sometimes in a language which you might not understand.

The advocates are pretty serious about their work and do not entertain any sort of balderdash in the tasks given although it might happen sometimes that you are given tasks which you have never performed before with a not so significant information as to how it is to be done. (I was once rebuked due to such a misfortune).

Best things

The best thing was witnessing the arbitration proceedings and getting acquainted with the clients a few times.

Bad things

Little harsh working hours for no stipend. And also, no stipend.


No stipend

Biggest Lessons

IndiaLaw was my first serious and away from home internship. I realised after working here that it is actually a great idea to start interning from a small litigation firm in a big city as the amount of work to be done is never less at such places.

Thus IndiaLaw helped me know about subjects, procedures and methods which I had no idea about.

Any Other Thing

For people in their first or second years, with a little knowledge of law, it is a very decent place to intern as you get to learn a lot.

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