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Internship @ (HRLN) Human Rights Law Network, New Delhi: An Organization Open to Ideas, Free of Bureaucratic Rigidity

Internship Human Rights Law Network Allahabad
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Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

Human Rights Law Network, New Delhi

Application Process

HRLN application is an open transparent process, wherein an individual needs to send in a writing sample, CV form and a recommendation letter along with the application form which tests out fundamentally your creativity in terms of writing and if you’re well and truly sincere about working for basic human rights.

The entirety of the procedure is laid out clearly in their website. All one needs to do is send them a mail containing all the requisite documents to hrln.internships@gmail.com

HNLU has its own internship co-ordination committee which sends out internship application in bulk according to preference, which is easier to get through.

Duration of internship and timings

The best part about interning here is the fact that, just like its work visions, its equally abstract with respect to its timings. On an average, you could expect you to be in office from 9-6 which itself includes field trips.

The internship dated for the entire of May, earlier this year. And because it’s Delhi, you never get to miss happy hours.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

Located in the suburbs of New Delhi, the office was materialistically satisfying. However, at the same time there was a poised intimidation in the air, probably because after high court, everything seemed a tad bit too well kept.

And the people. But, it turned out to be really chilled, with everyone giving you your space and understanding it more importantly.

The first day required signing a contract and depositing 1000 INR before starting.

Main tasks

Work was diversified and streamlined at the same time.

Diversified in the sense that interns get to work under many initiatives run by HRLN and while working under these initiatives, they are assigned work according to the background they come from in order to provide them a comfort zone in perceiving the surroundings.

Work was distributed under different initiatives like women’s rights, prisoner rights, juvenile rights and dalit rights.

You get to check out the Juvenile justice board I and II, counsel children there and draft bail petition for them. Legal drafting was one habit I learned through the internship though through PIL’s in relief trauma centers too.

Work environment and people

You get your own space, get to work with international interns so narrowing it down, the environment was comfortable and accessible. People were open to ideas and not bureaucratically rigid.

Best things

They have an out of the prosaic documentary screening every week,which aren’t available in the general market.

Friday sessions include analysing social and political scenarios and generating and sharing opinions with different sets of people.

Bad things

Over-burdening of clerical work like drafting, and Saturday work days. But trivial, if you know how to release all the tension.



Biggest Lessons

With every successive internship at a new environment, you get to meet new people, get to leveling them on one platform and comparing them with the restraint of your judgement neutral mind.

Maybe, so that understand them better, classify them according to your perception so that when needed, you could know where to go, what to ask.

The lawyers in their Mercs, and the lawyers in their autos, root down to the same thought. The sooner you get that, the faster is the climb.

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