Internship Experience @ Human Rights Law Network, Kolkata: Attend Seminars and Workshops, Prepare Reports

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Human Rights Law Network, Kolkata. The office is a small one. But they have kept one room exclusively for interns. At a time they have 4 – 5 interns working in the office. The team consists of both social workers and lawyers.It is a small team which consists of not more than 7 people.

Application Process with contact details

The application process is not very complicated. All that you need to do is send a mail containing your CV along with a cover letter and a recommendation letter to

Duration of internship and timings

10th November, 2014 to 10th December, 2014.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

This was my first internship ever. I had this impression that on the very first day they won’t assign serious business. But the moment I entered the office I saw a sticky note directing interns to draft petitions. I had only spent 4 months in a law school and knew nothing about drafting petitions.

As I was the only intern in the office, I thought it was best that I waited for others to arrive. After my co interns came to my rescue I managed to draft some kind of a petition. Though the petition was not a perfect one but the satisfaction I got was something that I had never experienced before.

The office is well equipped and at the same time a bit messy. You are expected to carry your own laptops and dongle.

But you can also use the office computers to complete your assignment. They are quite flexible in this matter.

Main tasks

I was assigned the work of drafting petitions and reading case briefs. I had to read all the case documents in details and then draft the petition. All the cases that I can remember to have drafted were Writ Petitions.

Another important thing that I did in this internship was to prepare reports of conferences, seminars and workshops that I attended. This was quite tedious because they wanted me to write a detailed report, trying not to miss a word that the speaker had said.

Research assignments used to come flying from the adjacent room (room were the lawyers used to sit) according to the lawyer’s needs. The assignment ranged from finding word meanings to finding case laws.

Work environment and people

The whole place had a very positive vibe. People there were very friendly and helpful. Initially I was hesitant to approach my seniors for help. But this hesitance vanished when they themselves started guiding me with the assignments.

Best things

The vibe that I got from the place was the best thing about this internship. Vibes are important for me because my efficiency, my willingness to work and how I feel about my work depends greatly on it.

Bad things

No bad things as such.


No Stipend

Biggest Lessons

It taught me drafting petitions and preparing reports is not everything. Being a good lawyer is more than this.The lesson is to become a good human being first. Being a human being it is our primary responsibility to let love and happiness touch the hearts of fellow humans. And this is exactly what the lawyers and social workers at HRLN does.

Overall Rating



They don’t provide for any accommodation. However the office has a college in its locality, so getting a PG accommodation on your own shouldn’t be a problem.

Office Timings

10 am to 7 pm. This was the office timings. We had to work 6 days a week. There were weeks when I had to work on Sundays. This was because there were seminars and conferences on Sundays.

They were quite strict about the timings. They had kept a note pad in the reception only to record the timings. But if you have any genuine reasons for leaving early or coming late, they will understand.

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