Internship @ Human Rights Law Network HRLN, Allahabad: The whole of the Allahabad city has started recognizing me

Name of the organization

Human Rights Law Network, Allahabad Office

Duration of the internship

1st July, 2013 to 1st August, 2013.

After I finished my internship at HRLN , the head of HRLN, Allahabad was very much impressed with my work so he gave me an opportunity to work on several other cases on human right violation.

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Now its been 7 months , there are more than 6 PIL filed in my name and in most of them I have pleaded in person.

Team strength

There were approximately, 15 to 20 students at a time and they were divided in teams to work on a specific case which involves human right violation.

Application procedure

I applied over there by contacting the coordinator (interns) along with a CV and an essay on any topic of Human Rights.  A form was given to me which was to be filled up and submit there itself (the form is also available on HRLN official website- on the first day of internship.

Internship contact details

Office Ph no. 0532.2421893


I live in Allahabad only, so I did not require any kind of accommodation. They do not provide any kind of accommodation in Allahabad office but accommodation facility is available in there Delhi office.

First impression/First day

It was really amazing , there was a huge team of interns, I was fitted in a group which had students from different colleges . Every one was really cooperating specially the head of HRLN, Shri K. K.  Roy, who is also an advocate in Allahabad High Court of Judicature and a Human Right activist.

As I was new, he thoroughly introduced me to the field of human rights. The Coordinator (interns) Smriti Kartikey helped me a lot to understand the case. Everyone is really cooperating over there. There is pack of intelligent and hard working people at HRLN, Allahabad.

Main tasks

I was given a case on malnutrition in village name RasoolPur Soni in District Kaushambi, Uttar Pradesh. We held a field survey of that village along with another neighboring village. We as a team of 9 students from different university surveyed about 145 children in which maximum were malnourished.

After that we prepared a report and drafted a PIL on the same issue. We pleaded in front of the Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court Of Judicature.

After that I was given a new case on MID-DAY meal along with some new interns. We surveyed different primary schools in which the mid-day meal was supplied of Allahabad, we also visited the NGO which prepared the mid-day meal. After this case my internship was over, but I managed several cases after this as I am still doing.

Work environment/ people

The team which I got at HRLN was really nice, every one was very much devoted to the cause of human right violation. The Coordinator (interns) was present there to help us at every level. The head of HRLN, Allahabad helped us a lot with the research. He is a very learned man and a person of charismatic personality.

Every one at HRLN has learnt a lot from him and the coordinator has helped us not as a coordinator but as a friend. I have enjoyed a lot at HRLN, Allahabad. We use to party every random day after the work. They taught drafting, how to perform a good and quick research work. I must say people at HRLN are wonderful, everyone present there treated us as friends.

Best things

Best things at HRLN, Allahabad were many. I got an opportunity to plead in front of the Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court, at such an early age. Standing in the CJ court was an amazing experience, standing in front of more than 100 of advocates, it gave me a glimpse of my future and helped me gain lot of confidence.

I learned drafting in my 1st semester, but the PIL which I drafted at HRLN for practical purpose was something different and useful. It actually enhanced my drafting skills.

Parties at HRLN were the best of all. In my one month of internship, I got party for every reason. Like when we first pleaded, the CJ was really happy with us. We got party for good presentation. In the supplementary hearing again CJ was very much impressed, we got party for that reason and after that we got too much of media coverage because of the case and the oral pleadings we got party for that as well.

There were innumerable parties for innumerable reasons, but it never affected our work, we first performed the work then party.

Media coverage – After working successfully on a highlighted case every time, we got too much of media coverage.

Bad things

Some of the bad things which I witnessed at HRLN, Allahabad were that there was a rush. Everyone wanted that the PIL should be in their name only, so this created a lot of conflict over there. Too much of competition was present over there, in order to make them feel our presence we had to work a lot.

The basic problem at HRLN, Allahabad was that of in whose name the PIL is going to be. They followed a strategy of naming the PIL in alphabetical order but then there were some students who worked really hard just to get the PIL in their name.


Interns do not get any stipend from HRLN, Allahabad, it is a voluntary internship. But usually you are reimbursed for all the expenses you have to bear for preparing any report.

Population: 975,393
Population: 975,393

Biggest lessons

I have learned a lot from HRLN, Allahabad. For me HRLN, Allahabad holds a very important position in my life. It has given me a glimpse of my future, it has taught me a lot about my profession in a very practical manner.

The head of HRLN, Allahabad was very much happy with my performance so he gave me an opportunity to get associated with HRLN. I have worked on much highlighted cases on human rights violation.

The new CJ of Allahabad High Court recognizes me because of the work I do in association with HRLN. I have been interviewed by several news papers, media persons.

They have published several articles regarding me and my work. I am a scholarship holder in HRLN. The whole of the Allahabad city has started recognizing me. HRLN has given me name and fame both. I am been recommended for Ashoka: innovators for the public scholarship.

Ed.’s note: The internship experience has been published unedited.

Disclaimer: Internship experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus official views on the internship.

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