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Internship Experience @ Human Rights Law Network, Allahabad: Good Work Environment & Exposure

Internship Human Rights Law Network Allahabad
LSAT - Discover Law
LSAT - Discover Law
Name of the Student. College

Prakhar Srivastava of SLS, Noida.

Name of the organisation. City

Human Rights Law Network, Allahabad

Office Address- 20-A Hastings Road, Allahabad

Official Website can be accessed HERE.

Few words about the Organisation

When I rewind the whole internship experience in my mind the first word I can think of is AMAZING.

From work to atmosphere everything was phenomenal.

The thought of doing something for the poor and oppressed was itself very boosting and satisfying.

For people who think of contributing to the society, who actually want to do something solid, this internship would give them a chance to do so.

Everyone in the office is very supporting either it be the Head or be it the Coordinator (Interns).

Duration of Internship

The organisation provides internship for a minimum period of three weeks.

However, the same can be adjusted by talking to the Coordinator (Interns).

I interned from 13th May, 2014 to 15th June, 2014.

Application Procedure? Internship Contact Details

There are two ways of applying for the internship:

1. In Person: Reach the office and talk to the Coordinator (Interns) about the internship. You would be given a form to fill. The form will be comprised of basic detail such as Name, College Name, Pass-port sized photograph, e.t.c. There would be this particular section which would require you to express your thoughts about ‘Human Rights’.

You will have to fill the form and attach your CV and submit the same. You will then be asked to mail your CV to  smriti.mkartikeya@gmail.com (Coordinator).

2. Through Mail: Mail your CV with the usual cover letter to Ms. Smiriti Kartikeya(Coordinator, Interns) on smriti.mkartikeya@gmail.com

You will get a mail guiding you further. Then again you will have to follow the procedure mentioned above.

One thing to be noted is that you will have to pay Rs. 1500 for the internship.

Ways to reach the office

One will easily get rickshaws.

First impression. Formalities. First day

The office is at the residence of a renowned lawyer Mr. K. K Roy who is also the head of HRLN, UP office. He at his time was a student leader in Alahabad University.

There is a small hall where all the intern are seated though small but every intern gets a chair.

Then there is a room where the head sits and another room beside the hall which can also be used for work purpose.

As soon as I entered the office there were a lot of interns busy with their work.

There were a few intern who too were on their first day.

That day we were given details about the organisation, what kind of things were we supposed to work on by the coordinator.

Mr. K.K Roy talked to us and explained the pathetic condition of Human Rights in India.

He told us that what work we do here is going to affect the lives of many.

After the session with the Head the new interns were divided into different teams and were asked to report the next day t 11 A.M.

Main Tasks

The main tasks were to take cognizance of any kind of incidence that resulted in deterioration of human rights.

One more thing is that this office is for whole of Uttar Pradesh, so any incidence through out the state was to be taken into account.

Once any such incidence came into light the Head had to approve it for further actions.

Once approved a team of intern was assigned to the task, then out of the assigned team a Fact Finding Team was constituted which went on field visits to investigate the matter.

Investigation included talking to the victims, their family and other people concerned.

For example there was an article on Pathetic condition of government children hospital.

My team was assigned to the task.

We went to the hospital and talked to the relatives of the young ones admitted there and were shocked to hear that they had to purchase the prescribed medicine from outside though the hospital was fully funded by the government and had a set of rules, one of them being that the medicines were to be given free of cost to the patients.

We also noticed that more than one child was being treated on a single bed.

We took photographs of the same.

After the fact finding team returned with the collected facts a Fact Finding Report had to be made on the same.

After this the Head and the team who was assigned the task sat together and drafted a PIL on the same matter which had to be filed before the Honorable High Court.

Work Environment. People

Environment was very easy going, the seniors were always helpful.

Field Work was decided as per the convenience of the interns, no one was forced to do anything.

However, when it came to work seniors used to motivate us to perform rather than forcing arbitrarily to do something.

I met some of the best people during the internship.

Mr K. K Roy was very motivating and he was very concerned about the interns as the temperatures were scorching during the internship.

Ms Smriti Kartikeya was very fun to be around and according to me she is one of the coolest Coordinator one will ever have the pleasure of working with.

My co-interns then are my pals now.

There was never a day at the end of which my stomach din’t hurt due to excess of laughter.

This was the only internship where I took the initiative of reaching the office before the prescribed timing just to have more fun.

The best and the bad things

The best thing during the internship was the moment when I was standing before a bench of High Court ready to argue for the very first time that to in the 2nd year of my law college.

Yes, i argued before a two judges bench.

This sort of opportunity is very rare for a law student and I consider myself very blessed to be one of the few.

Then there was the media coverage.

My team which argued before the court were interviewed by electronic media as well as print media for the cause of “Lack of Sanitation facilities in rural areas”.

Hindustan Times printed an article based on our interview with the group photograph of my team.

There was no such thing as “bad” during the internship.


There was no stipend but the satisfaction you get working for needy and knowing that you are standing for a cause is much more than any stipend you will ever receive.

Accommodation. What did you do to chill in and around the office and the place of stay.

I am a local so i didn’t have to look for an accommodation but there are P.G.

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