Internship @ HSB Partners Law Firm, Chennai: Rated 10/10, Stipend Rs. 5000

Internship @ HSB Partners, Chennai, Law Firm

Name of the intern: Suryah SG, 1st year, ILS Pune

Process of application: One who desires for Internship at HSB Partners should apply to any one of the Partners in the firm. I got the E-Mail from one of my friend who works there.

If someone wants the E-Mail address of the specific person to whom you have to apply for Internship, you can contact me and I shall give you the details.

There are three Partners at HSB Partners. I had interned under Mr.T.K.Bhaskar who specializes in Corporate Law.

Also, getting permission for Internship is not a cake walk and you’ll have to possess something good in your CV in order to land here for Internship.

Duration/timings: 4 weeks, 6 days a week, 10 am to 6 pm. The timings are not strict. But it is always advisable to be sincere without taking liberty of the leniency.  It is always better to keep them informed prior about your absence.

First impression: I have known HSB Partners only through Lawctopus. So, initially I thank this site. The first impression of the firm as soon as I entered was “Woah”.

Because the firm is very well furnished and gives you a great corporate look. The first day I met Mr.Bhaskar sir and immediately started with the Internship.

The second day of my Internship I was in Madras High Court for the morning session with Associates and in Company Law Board for the afternoon session with Mr. Bhaskar sir.

So, you can imagine how nice it would have been for me and what kind of exposure I would have got here for my period of 4 weeks. I can say that this would be the Best Firm one can intern with. This is my first year and first experience of interning and this will always be my Best.

Accommodation: I would like to write a more about this as I had got worst experience about Accomodation in Chennai. Basically, I am from Coimbatore and am not very much acquainted with Chennai.

For the first three days of Internship period I stayed in a Lodge named Amarjothi just opposite to the law firm. During these three days I found out a place for Accomodation in T.Nagar and Mylapore and I was not satisfied with any of those places.

If you are not looking for few things like Air Conditioned rooms, Televisions and food facilities at the place of stay I think you should be Ok with some places nearby. For example just opposite to the Firm near Amarjothi Hotel there is a Mansion which is not that good.

That too, initial days were very hot in Chennai for me and I moved to the accommodation in a place called Choolaimedu near Nungambakkam. It is a very good place where I stayed. I had Television, AC, Washing Facility, Food Facility everything over there. Again if someone wants more details of this place you can contact and I shall be glad to give you all the details.

Also, when you stay in a long distance from the firm, the problem with Chennai is Communication. Buses are dependably but are rushie always. I started hating Chennai for the reason it is very hot and it is rushie every time. Chennai is highly and densely populated.

I would suggest anyone to come and arrange for the accomodation and other things before-hand in case you are interning here. Also, I caution that Summer time would be very very hot in Chennai. Still, we got to adjust to things.

Main tasks:  HSB Partners actually can be divided into two teams. Corporate team and Corporate Litigation team.

You can decide where and what you want to work with. In case you are interested in Corporate Litigation you can go to High Court everyday with the Associates, or if you want to work fully with Corporate Laws you can be in Office and work with Associates for various cases and matters.

I went to the Court for few days but 90% of the time I worked with the Corporate team.

The areas of law in which I worked include matters relating to Indian Companies Act, Arbitration and Conciliation Act, Foreign Exchange Management Act, Information Technology Act, Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act and Collective Investment Schemes.

Mainly I worked mostly on Indian Companies Act as I am also a CS Student and Corporate Law being my interest.

Work environment: The law firm is actually run by three Partners. Mr.Harisankar (who stands for H & LLM from Northwestern University), Sreenath Sreedevan (who stands for S & LLM from New York University) and T.K Bhaskar (who sands for B & LLM from Northwestern University) and each partner specializes in different fields.

And there are around 15 Associates working under each of these three partners.

All the Associates are friendly and approachable. But the thing one has to remember is that it is you who gotto introduce and speak to them and ask for work.

They will not come to you unless you go them. I think this should be the scenario in every other Law firms as well. Works available here are plenty and one can get very good exposure towards various fields of law from here.

Best things: The best thing about Internship is exactly what Mr.Vishnu Babu written here about the firm. In case you are not aware of the work, they sit and explain and you and then asks you to proceed with the work.

I had completed my CS Executive Program and mostly I took all the cases which are related to Indian Companies Act like, Shareholder issues, Investigation, Auditing, Meetings etc.,

Also they provide you with Tea, Coffee and other snacks. You get a feeling of being an Associate here because you are given a Cabin & Computer (in case you don’t have a laptop). You can work closely with Associates on various issues and can gain very good experience in various aspects of law.

The best thing is I feel like Interning here for all my holidays! So imagine the impact this firm had created on me!

The office infra of HSB Partners is simple superb and awesome with very good furnishing every where. Also you have almost all the books on all the laws possible. You can refer to any of the books you want.

Food, places etc: Hotels are not that many near the firm.

Very next to the firm you have got a place called ChitChat and Hotel over there. Also, there is a hotel in a 5 minutes walk from the firm called Hotel Ananda which is very good and hygienic. Also there is a home food service nearby called Lakshmi Tiffin Center which is also good and people who are trying to be economical should be satisfied with it.

Otherwise if you go to T.Nagar or Mylapore you can find many hotels. The place I stayed had Food facility which was good but however I didn’t opt for it.

Also there are Fresh Juice shops available nearby. I had almost had 2-3 Orange juices everyday for the Chennai climate.

Stipend: Yes. Rs.5,000. (They have given me Rs.5,000. I am not sure if this is for everyone or varies).

Rating: 10/10

Other things:  The thing is, I am sure many people who read this would be tempted to know more about the firm. In fact, I have this feeling every time I read a good Internship.

So, I am here to tell that in case if you have a serious idea of interning here then you can contact me personally at my E-Mail – so that I can help you with anything. Again I thank Lawctopus and Mr.Vishnu Babu who made me know this firm and intern here.!

Disclaimer: Internship experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus official views on the internship.

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